left 4 dead

where the hell did the original topic for this go?

at any rate… the game was a big letdown. It was a waste of 37.50 IMO (25% discount after christmas)

1]Repetitive gameplay. All you have to do is whack zombies back and shoot.
2]Vs. mode wasn’t any better. It was always boring and annoying being a special zombie. they’re too weak and die instantly.
3]Only 4 lvls. wtf? Yeah… put some more time into your games before you release them, valve.
4]only 5 (8 including grenade type weapons and pistol) weapons. Moar plox?

any more, add em here, disappointed L4D buyers…

or, if you liked the game discuss it here (unless of course there was an original topic of this like I THOUGHT there was).

Are you playing with friends or just random dicks?

With friends it’s fucking awesome.

Agreed. Great game, especially for LAN parties. If you’re playing online with friends, I think a headset is absolutely necessary, way too intense for those keyboard command things and it’d be a lot less fun without being able to TALK to people. Also, try whacking a witch. I fucking dare you XD
If you live through running up and bashing a witch on the head, the difficulty is set too low.

vs mode was amazing as well, especially in person. They die instantly because they’re zombies, not that resilient and you get to respawn until either you win or they do. You have to actually play with strategy when you’re a zombie… otherwise you just get shot. If you’re a smoker, wait for them to get into a group of zombies (or, better yet, wait for a boomer to splash the whole lot of them), then start chocking one of the ones that aren’t getting clobbered by the zombies. If your a hunter, either wait until they are alone or, again, massed by zombies, then pounce 'em. Boomer=boom, pretty simple, just don’t get shot unless you’re close enough to explode on everyone.
Always fun to hear the confusion erupt when you start choking one of the survivors.

only 4 campaigns*, with five levels each. Also, custom maps? I even found an Assault map for L4D…
(Assault=popular counter-strike map)
AND multiple difficulty settings, AND possibly new downloadable campaigns… =/

Weapons don’t make great games, I don’t care if there’s only five weapons. It adds a bit of strategy to your loadout, not everyone should have an autoshotty, but at least ONE should have it, because it rapes witches and does good damage against tanks, as well. But if everyone has it, long range becomes difficult (aside from pistols. Infinite ammo ftw), and everyone starts accidentally shooting everyone in front of them. This is where the rifle comes in, or the sniper (although I’ve honestly never seen anyone use the sniper, except at the very beginning of a couple of levels)

…also, witches are fuckin’ creepy.

I think part of what makes L4D fantastic is the pick up and play style. The gameplay is basically the same throughout all of the campaigns, and you only carry 3 weapons at a time (primary, pistol, grenade), but that makes it really easy for anyone to join the game and just start playing. If you want a game that takes months to master, try TF2 :stuck_out_tongue:
I really love the game because of that. It’s hard to suck at the game altogether, and unlike some other games I’ve seen, you don’t really have to adjust your playing style to the server you’re playing on, or the people you’re playing with. Obviously, teamwork is important, but it’s not complicated. Stick together, shoot zombies, run from witches and tanks. Stop and discuss what you’re going to do before witches or huge mobs… but don’t wait too long, or you’ll get swarmed.

It’s not just the simplicity, though. What really gets me about the game is that it manages to make a REALLY complicated system behind the scenes interact with the stupidly simple user side of it. The clockwork of the game, for those who are paying attention, is absolutely fantastic. How smoothly everything seems to happen, and the intense atmosphere that you don’t know quite what’s about to happen next. Sometimes you run through a level completely devoid of zombies until the very end, when there’s a hunter in the safe room, a tank next to it, you’re covered in boomer bile, and you hear a smoker coughing somewhere behind you. Sometimes every room is packed full of zombies, but the safe room is… well, safe. Just run for it! The gameplay somehow is very simple for the user to grasp, but is CONSTANTLY changing, constantly bringing up new challenges and ways to kill zombies, keeping you on your toes with audio cues, and it’s never quite the same game twice. I can see how it can get boring if you only play on Easy or Normal, but it barely takes any skill to pass on Advanced… it adds more action without making the enemies overpowering. Expert is a bitch though =P

CV, what’s your steamid? Timaster735 if you want to add me <3

PS Hunting rifle is god tier. It penetrates walls and zombies, giving you really easy special zombie kills from a distance, and tons of regular zombie kills if you get boomered. It only sucks for when you have a few zombies coming at you at a time, which is what dual pistols are for. It also almost matches the assault rifle for tank killing.
People who use auto-shotgun frankly surprise me. Hunting rifle is 1 shot 1 kill ranged, 1 shot 2 or 3 kills close up. Shotgun is 1 shot 0 kills ranged, 1 shot 1 kill close up. Why would you do that…?
I still choose Assault Rifle about 50% of the time just for ease of use though. Crouch, point, fire. Things die. 500 headshots.

That’s why not everyone should take the auto shotty =P But like I said, it rapes witches, and I kinda disagree about up close, if I’m getting swarmed I can take 2-4 in one hit. For instance, the hospital level, when you’re waiting for the elevator… I watched the right side hall, consistently took out 2-3 zombies (Not many more attacked from that direction <_<)

I, ah, forgot to mention that I had the “lan party” version <_< >_>
Don’t have the money for it at the moment, not to mention my computer is still down until tomorrow. But yeah, I still have TF2 and CS:S. My id is CloudVaris… when in doubt, just look for that =P
Oh, be warned, my little brother goes on my Steam occasionally (usually changing my steam name to Zatch in the process)

I prefer not letting the tank or witch hit you :stuck_out_tongue:
Molotov + hunting rifle spam > autoshotty.
I see your point on the up close, because of the spread, but meh. 10 is a small number IMO. 15 or 45 is better ;D

Also I figured out to try CloudVaris right after I posted. Log on and friend me… if you dare.

As soon as humanly possible =P
Unfortunately, that’ll be tomorrow afternoon, and that’s assuming my OS installs without much trouble XP

L4D is amazing when played correctly
and they ARE making more levels
cuz the same 4 DO get rather repetative
but Expert is diabolical <_<
the limited weapons make it more interesting IMO
if there were too many… well what would be the point, really?
as for dying too fast as an infected
the game is built for survival
if the survivors stick together and work together properly
the infected just cant win
UNLESS they work together too
its all a matter of teamwork and strategy
like it or lump it =D

personally i loooove it

i’d be playing it right now if i didnt have to leave and do chores xD

i’d also continue this post if it wasnt fer that…

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the reason there are 4 levels is because Valve spent ages fine-tuning them. There are 4 absofuckinglutely PERFECT levels. I’d prefer 10 perfect levels, of course, but I prefer 4 perfect levels to 10 shabby ones.

In addition, I forgot to talk about versus. I enjoy it immensely, but I think it has balance issues. An even moderately skilled zombie team can roll a survivor team within feet of the safe room, if even one of them fucks up. It kind of balances because people who are good at survivor are usually also good at zombie, but if you happen to be a good survivor team but a bad zombie team, you won’t do nearly as well as if you’re a good zombie team, but a bad survivor team.

4 perfect levels with an identical end sequence, pretty much =P
If I remember right, they all even have one of those wonderful machine guns mounted somewhere, although it’s by far most useful on the hospital level, since a good chunk of the zombies come straight down the middle. Although… that was also one of the hardest defense ones, in my opinion.

Edit: Oh, what’s your record for most witches in one level? I had three in one level once, it was constant moaning wherever we went…

…also, that part at the church where the guy rings the bell on you… I really hated him. =/ And we ALL stood by the door when… well… those who’ve played it know what happens.

I’ve played through that campaign a number of times but I seem to be always looking the other way when whatever it is that happens to him happens. So I’ve played it, but I have no idea <.<

am I the only one that thinks the game could use A LOT of work? =/

can you explain some examples to me? they seem repetative and boring. They even give you sounds so you know what infecteds your up against. no surprise!


also see edit

also, maybe i’m just playing the game the wrong way… i’m kinda just finding random matches =<


Hey Tim, next time, you should, ah, guard the safehouse door =3 Like right in front of it. Do it. It gives you an awesome advantage, and the closest character gets a rapid fire hunting rifle.

It’s true, go try it.

Random matches=/=awesome =( Play with some friends, or try to play it at a lan party. Much more awesome =3

i love how No Mercy has 3 shortcuts =D

for those of you who dont know them…

  1. right as you start, grab you equipment and go to the back of the roof
    lower down on the building across from you there is a double silver box airconditioner type thing
    jump up onto the ledge in front of you and RUN forward to that
    DO NOT JUMP, or you may die
    if you miss, youre dead
    if not, you lose minimal health

  2. instead of activating the door, melee the door control for a few minutes
    jump on top of the white thing next to it, the onto the box
    if it was meleed enough, you will be launced up to the next level
    no horde to deal with ;D

  3. instead of activating the lift and dealing with the horde
    find the shutter door on the other side of the 2 trucks
    melee that till it breaks

Judging by everything you’ve said, he turns into a boomer <.<

And Pommy, the awesome fine-tuning comes in the way the levels flow. If you’ve ever tried to design a map, you’ll notice that it’s difficult to make one big level that doesn’t feel like a series of rooms. All of the levels feel like a real world that you travel through, no loading times, no paths that you feel like you should be able to take but can’t (with maybe one exception on mercy hospital), no obnoxious dividing lines between encounters (except maybe inside/outside transitions). It’s fluid and fun to play through.
As for the audio cues, I don’t understand how it’s even remotely possible to dislike them. They give you something to pay attention to aside from what’s on your screen. “SUPRISE ZOMBIES” isn’t fun, “Get ready… everyone goes ‘oh fuck!’ LOL ZOMBIES!” is. Walking into a Witch wouldn’t be entertaining either, but trying to work your way around her is. When you hear a Tank from a few rooms away, and go “OH FUCK ME IT’S A TANK” into the mic, that makes the game exhilarating. Smokers are fun to hear because they’re always behind you, and half the time, you’re the only one that hears the cough. Then you have to run backwards, search for floating specks of… whatever the fuck, and try and shoot him around whatever obstacle he’s hiding behind. Boomer cues are kinda lame outside, but indoors, they tend to hide just on the other side of a doorway, behind the wall. If you just walk into that, it’s no fun. But when you hear him belching, and go “AHA!”, and shoot him through the wall, that’s satisfying as hell. And, of course, hearing the Hunter scream before he hits you and starts tearing your ribs out is quite exciting.

Point is, if there weren’t audio cues it’d be more difficult, and more frustrating. Valve added those so they could make other parts of the game difficult, and keep it from being frustrating. Everything I’ve seen about the game points to the idea that they want to make a fun experience anyone can enjoy - the pick up and play game mechanics (WASD + click to shoot), the small weapon/zombie variety, the ease of adjusting your gameplay (votes for kicking players, changing difficulty), and, for more hardcore players, the tiny details that let you become an expert survivor without relying on your team, like the audio cues.

PS Post your frickin’ steam ids, people.

PPS Yeah, CMC, having a 360 will give you glitchy levels. Yay reduced patching capability.

i think the develpoers added them

cheating little buggers


i’ve been all 4 zombies

also, my steam id is “Pomegranate” STEAM_0:1:5888644

also you might wanna try “spinetingle” that’s my account name

to me, the surprise of a zombie popping out is more exhilirating than the suspense of the audio cues.

if you like zombie mods try zombie panic

i like it. the player controlled zombies makes the game challenging :slight_smile: