least favourite boss

What is your least favourite metroid boss?

  • Ridley
  • Meta Ridley
  • Kraid
  • SA-X
  • Other
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If your least favourite is not there, just post it! :smiley:

Please stop making polls if you’re going to include such an amazing lack of choices. Anyway, SAX has to be the stupidest boss in the series… Maybe it’s just me, but a boss in which simply jumping over him and shooting every time you land isn’t fun or the least bit challenging.

SA-X was pretty stupid when you had all the upgrades. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah SA-X was pretty stupid, even when he transformed into that big monster, you just shoot 3 charged shots and he was dead.

SA-X was way too easy! :smiling_imp:

I guess i’ll join the league of SA-X haters. I thought IT was pretty cool the first time i saw it, but then, when i fought it, i had to laugh.

Yeah, I thought when 1 saw it in the beginning, Fear the Sa-X :stuck_out_tongue:
when I had to fight it I thought these is going to be a hard battle
I beated him and thought, is that it ???

Stupid SA-X series on M2k2… you gotta love it.

while the sa-x was stupid, i hated nightmare worse :unamused:

I hatede the SA-X. Like everybody else said,
when you first see it you think you got some
competition. And then on the last battle, clown
circus music starts playing and you see the SA-X.
It was to easy, lacked good AI, and was boring.
It was pointless turning into the monster form
because it was impossible to die on it because of
its horrible eeasyness. And when it is the floating blob thing,
you shoot it a few times and a whole load of energy and
weapons come out. The SA-X, plain out is the absolute WORST boss
in the whole metroid series.

Although the Omega Metroid was so pathetic you just had to laugh at its

i actually thought the omega metroid was saweet. but easy, yes :metroid:

Where did the omega Metroid come from?
It just busted out of a wall for no apparent reason.
And there was no part of the Space station on the right
of the landing bay. So the Omega must have came from space and happend
to hit the station and also happend to be strong enough to
bust threw the wall.

… Did you not notice that there was an egg-case-thingy right before you fight him?

Those two were the only bosses I died on in Metroid Fusion. :blush:

Nightmare’s a bitch, yes.

But, er, how can you lose to SA-X? >_>;;

It was a great concept and had a lot of potential, but the battle just…sucked.

i totally agree… kind of. but to be truthful, my game was used, so i mainly played on the finished file(so i got used to the SA-X and died ONCE on the actual battle :blush: )…but when you encounter her a few times before you’re ready to fight her was hard(meaning if you died a few times and THEN figured out what to do, i understand :metroid:

Mine was the spider guriden he was hard I was stuck on him for two months :O_O: .then I beat him it was easy after that :smiley:

i’d have to say flaagra was my least favorite. u just shot the wierd satelite looking things and roll into a hole to lay a morphball bomb. its to simple

i hated the spider guardian soooooooooooooooooo mush (or to mush,or i wish it would return to mush or…)…ok…MUCH. That thing was freakin hard!! I died like 5 times before figured out how to beat the dang thing. SO if the programmers wanted us to hate that thing, they did a wonderful job.

I HATED Thardous (excuse the spelling) it took me like 4 times to beat and its rolling atack was almost imposible to dodge due to the limited visibility. I don’t care what you guys suy this boss took annoying to a whole nother level