Least favorite beam

what beam is your LEAST favorite beam

  • power beam
  • wave beam
  • ice beam
  • plasma beam
  • dark beam
  • light beam
  • annhilator beam
  • spazer
  • phazon beam
  • Hyper Beam
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got nothing to writt

Phazon beam, because it’s the only one I’ve never used.

Zomg! You forgot Teh Hyper Beam!!!

Power beam is your standard default weapon. Nothing great about that.

can someone please put hyper beam in this pool :unamused:

Done. :smiley:

thanks :smiley:

Most likely the Light Beam. Four reasons. For one, it requires ammunition. For two, it requires ammunition. For three, the Dark Beam out performs the Light Beam. Lastly, for four, it requires ammunition.

The Plasma Beam; for the simple reason that it killed everything way too quickly. I like guns that still make it interesting to obliterate something! With the Plasma Beam, it is Whvvv-wham, whvvv-wham, squeal, disentigrate. It just spoils the fun of torturing Space Pirates!

I dislike the phazon beam, simply because it doesn’t last long enough! And you can only use it during the fight with Metroid Prime. True, same for the Hyper Beam, you can only use it against Mother Brain…but my brother deleted my file on Super Metroid, and ever since I have never been motivated enough to beat the game. So I can’t really can’t say that it’s the worst beam, since I’ve never even seen it.

Wh-wh-whoah, what? Um, you NEVER need the dark beam except for doors and puzzles… Light creatures are weak enough on their own. But without the Light Beam, well, Darklings will kick your ass to Tallon IV and back…

Man, I forgot what I voted for… I voted, but had nothing to say. It would only make sense if I voted for the Dark, Light or Annihilator beams… because they take ammo. I hated that MP2 had ammo. I blame the Luminoth and their crappy inferior techonogy. I probably voted for Annihilator because it took more ammo than the dark and light beams, AND you hardly got to use it. Man, ammo sucks.

EDIT: No wait… no one even voted for the annihilator beam yet. It’s pretty obvious that Dazzy is the single vote for the Dark Beam. Heck everyone should, it sucks. SO SLOW! And I KNOW that I didn’t vote for the power beam, because I like the power beam. What a perdicament…

Exactly why it’s favortism remains at the lowest. The variety of options in game completion comes close to virtualy none.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you just said >_>

The dark beam, I think was useless except for doors, puzzles, and getting ammo. The

light beam on the other hand, has saved me from dark pirate commandos many a time.

Dark Pirate Troopers are much harder. Commandoes are way too easy. The best stratergy is never to stay in one spot for too long, charge up your Power Beam when not shooting, and hit them with either charge beam blasts or Super Missiles, if you have enough to spare. The Light beam is better against Boost Guardian, Pirate Troopers (though missiles work nicely too) and Mutated Emperor Ing. In fact, the Entangler shot is MUCH, much better than the Light Beam against Pirate Commandoes.

And no, Dark Beam does NOT outperform Light Beam. Only when charged up are either or them really useful, but Dark Beam is much too slow and is quite useless against indegineous Dark World characters. I find the Charge Comboes too slow and costly for my taste…except for SUPER MISSILES!

Yknow, the dark beam actually does have one use there–it’s the best weapon against those very same dark pirate commandos. >_>; They can be freeze+missile’d.

Spazer… i mean… eew…

Without dark beam though, I would die against a pack of Grenchlers. Maybe I just suck at FPS games.

<_< Metroid Prime Echoes is NOT AN FPS! >_>

I’d say the Phazon Beam since you only use it once in the entire game…