Launch Dates of the Wii games

Here’s the list form IGN
Wii launch games in November

Metroid Prime 3
Red Steel
Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam
Madden NFL 07
Rayman and raving rabbids
Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen/tower of Mirrors (Long title)
Marvel:Ultimate Alliance

And theres more and sorry to break the bad news but Super Smash Bros Brawl will be in early Feburary or late Feburary in 2007. Theres about 16 game coming out with the Wii and I put 9 of them on here.

What’s this day of rest shit? What’s this BULLshit? I don’t fuckin’ care! It don’t matter to Jesus!

But uh… source please? Summer? I thought it was gonna be 'round february.

Sorry Tim, IGN has TBA for SSBB and thats where I got the release dates
heres a link


Hope it’s before the 14th… that’s my b-day. :smiley:

I think its November the 1st when the games and the Wii come out.

It is Q4 2006 although it is pretty much going to be November. SSBB is TBA '07 at

Eh, I heard something about March for SSBB.

Damn, now Im confused on when is Brawl coming out…

Oh well, at least i’ll get MP3.