For my Language class, we are being made to understand the intricate and complex design of a language by creating our own with verb rules, tenses, pronouns, possession, and all that jazz. I have already gotten started and, to boost my grade, want to make it (to be honest) a whole shit-load better than everyone else’s. Also for bragging rights, but moving on-

I’ve already gotten started, but I want to make sure 1. It makes sense, and 2. I have everything I need. So here it is:

Right here.

Obviously it’s not done (it’s due February 22) but I want to get it checked early.

Also, this seems like it’s in the right forum, as it’s language based and creative.

Arrgh, it’s hard not to feel like a nerd when viewing this. Some rules seem similar to Japanese.

Well I don’t know any Japanese…


My Outrider senses are tingling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yes.

Just call it the Rakashi language. <_< SPOILARZ



Or, we needed a language and this works. :stuck_out_tongue:

(better than our whistle and click idea…)

What’s wrong with whistles and clicks? I mean Halo got on fine with just “wort, wort, wort” as an alien language.

True… idk.

It just seems to be a cheap move.

Unless I write a language out of it. xP

Stop. Trying. To. Outdo. The. Bestselling. Games. Of. All. Time.

Yeah. Just let me make random noises and we’ll call it a language.

And those would be? We’re not trying to make the next Klingon.

Not like the Avatar people…

That was the most over-hyped piece of media next to Halo 3.

Aim high.

Sure, you won’t succeed, but you’ll make one hell of a game in the process.

Aiming high means aiming high on something you can improve on. It doesn’t mean jamming everything you can possibly think of into one game.

UTA, Halo. Dragon Age. Two games he’s shat on so far for doing a subpar job. You can aim to do something different than mainstream games, but you can’t aim to outdo games that gross tens of millions of dollars.

So, two years later, does anyone happen to still have this buried in their Downloads folder or something? I lost it several computer changes ago, and the link has been dead for a long-ass time.

No, but I’ll write you a new language.

Here’s an example:

“Wormit g’t bahk tu thie kirtchin”