this is a sprite that I made for are new starfox fangame I now present to you my landmaster hope you guys and gals like it.

It lacks shading, the tip of the turret and the wing are undetailed, but other than that, it’s awesome. Greatly detailed on the rest of it, well-drawn, accurate as far as I can tell. And I love the little Great Fox logo. :3

It is sort of a proto type I havn’t added effects to it yet. I’m glad you like it Dazuro Ghenari! :smiley:

Oooh, that looks good. But like Daz said, add some shading and it’ll be uber. Only quip I have, apart from the shading, is the barrel…I don’t recall it being quite that long! But I may have a faulty memory.

On your design it doesn’t look like the barrel can aim…

I can get it to aim just like the one in the game. I took the blue prints from the book and shrunk them a little bit and went over with red and I have made it like what you see now.

Your design makes it look like the cannon is fixed onto the tank.

looks can be fooling I can still get to turn

I have a request. Make a sprite with the turret aiming upwards. See if you can do that without completely edited the chassis.

I’ll try to but I need to get the website up so other can start submiting sprites for the fangame I’m VARY busy now.

It’s VERY not “VARY” :confused:

oh well I’m glad that you like it 8)