Lack of community?

I’ve found that lately, there has been lack of posting on the forums. Every day, if I check, maybe 4 topics have new posts in them. Sometimes less, sometimes more. The point is, we need either more members, or active members. I think we should advertise our forums on SCU if they havn’t been already, and maybe some other boards.


You havent been active lately, so that’s probably why you only noticed now, but for the last 2 or 3 months, activity here has slowed down drastically. For a time, I was the only one keeping the graphics board post dates recent. This place has lost activity, probably due to DFs computer breaking down. No new demos, no new reason to come here. Still, it’s not THAT bad. Most of the hardcore still show up on occasion, but still, it’s a shadow of its former activity. I dunno if advertising is the answer. We might just have to wait on DF.

I think it’s mostly because of school. Statistics show that last summer we had a giant swell in activity, and right about when school started all the activity went down dramatically, and it’s been pretty slow since. Right now there’s about as much posting activity as there was the summer of '05–So maybe things will pick up again by this year’s summer.

SCU is dying, and the MP2Dproject is essentially dead. These forums are therefore REALLY inactive.

Hopefully MP3 will inspire more P2Ders…

Wait, dead? What about DF? He has everything backed up, right? So the show will go on…right?

Somebody better fucking finish that demo. It was SOOOOO close. DF better hand over that source, or finish it. I dont care If VR finishes it. I dont care if I have to learn programming and finish it. I dont see how anyone can let such an ambitious project slowly fade into the background. Seriously, if DF hadnt been hacked, then the demo would have been out last december, and we could look forward to CFXs engine.

well, im homeschooled now, so i’ll probably be on more when we fix our internet.

i doubt p2d is dead though.

i dont think the activity is too bad.

Tis but a shadow of its former self nonetheless.

A shadow with more manifestation to it than ever. All it lacks is people who give a crap. (If you do give a crap, you’ve already done something about it.) That’s what most projects lack.

Well the problem is just how long its been without progress. I really think it isn’t too late to save P2D. Too bad DF is considering starting over.

i think that its me, because every forum I go on starts to dye out. It’s really weird.

well than it might be simple, all we have to do is kill you…


…maybe we should make this place about more than p2d, and involve community projects involving metroid, or hell, anything.

we already do that a bit now, but more couldn’t hurt.

Stupid school grumble grumble anyway the project it self has gone into crio stasis or something because of DF’s various problems P2D is nearly dead/ nearly finished WOOT :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

Surprise surprise…

Yeah, school in conjunction with a lack of P2D progress really choked this place. I basically moved to other forums for that very reason. But hell, I had a good time here, and I learned a lot, the most valuable being spriting.

I’d come back here if things were picked up and set into motion again, but I have yet to see aything of the like happening. So for now I’m just lurking, seeing if there’s anything worthwhile to post in.

Yeah, I sorta feel that way. This is the place that I became a metroid junkie and learned to sprite. Ive sorta drifted onto other forums, but this place still has potential. If P2D dies, why not turn it into a metroid spriting/fangame forum. It already has core members who do most of that anyway. Anyhow, even if P2D dies, i dont want to see this forum die.

ps: typing on the wii is irritating.

But that’ll be just like the huge improvement between version 1.x and version 2.0, when he also redid his engine. It doesn’t take that long because you’ve already done most of it before, just in a less-organized way, and the engine improves a ton because of that.

Anyway, there is always CFX’s engine to look forward to. But the question is, will the team end up motivated enough to stop lazying around and finish all the uninteresting/difficult resources to go with it, or will we just keep lazying around and do nothing more for the project? All the pressure is on DF and his demo, unless some other form of motivation comes around in this half-dead project >_>

brainstorms for a bit but goes right back to lazying around

Programming does indeed become much easier when you already know exactly what you want to do.

Well at this point, I really dont see everyone coming back together as organized as it once was. I just hope that DFs new engine is so awsome that everyone is inspired to return. Or, in worse case, CFX can redo the demo.

p2d better stay alive or at least the forums.

great. its summer and the forumbase still isn’t coming back. we need help getting this out to the world, so i propose that we create an incentive for people to advertise this forum in their sigs in other forums (such as an extra cheat code or something)

we really need help with this, because at the moment, the project is hardly going anywhere. there are only a handful of regulars and even less are actually working on the project (which, at this rate) will never be completed.

let’s face it, if we don’t do something, it’s dead. and now that SCU is down, there are even less people coming in here to even find out what it’s about (i know SCU was where i found out about it). Perhaps you could put a large meta tag on the website so we get more search engine hits?