lack of activity

noticed it a while ago, and it’s really depressing that one of my faveroute forums is so damn inactive. the only people i see online anymore are me and the mods. does anyone here think this forum needs more activity?

I have not noticed a lack in activity. If anything there has been a recent slight jump. I am often on, I am not a mod, and I often see you on. I also see dozens of others on, just not much more than 2-7 at a time.

The reason this site is not as active as it once was, many moons ago is because the main site is down, and there has not been any recent demos for P2D. It is still going strong, and as long as there are spammy posters, this site shall survive.

(P.S. Eating muffins makes me hungry.)

Shows how much YOU know. <_<

There haven’t been any public demos, NK.

Lol, I remember when I used to be all in the whole P2D team bizz. I guess the activity here and at SCU (lack thereof) was sorta the reason I got bored. But you’re saying that there have been aditional demo’s made since SCU died? Im glad to hear it.

And actual progress on resources for a change. (between Sloth and I, at least.)

That’s what I meant. No public demos. If this site was originally created for that game, and there are no new things for the public to play, plus the main site is down so it is difficult to play the old demos and look at the other things, the only draw for various net users is the forums, and there are dozens of those across the Internet.

(P.S. I was playing Chess, and I managed to capture three Kings, and three Queens. I felt better about my intellectual ability after that.)

Shows how much YOU know. <_<


That was a whole two weeks ago!!

Actually, I just didn’t remember which demos were public and which weren’t.
Sorry for confusing you, Nostril Kitty. Unless I didn’t confuse you. But sorry for not remembering that demo.


Why did that make me laugh for like 5 minutes?

King Metroid has a point. I mean, I haven’t seen people–out in the Debate Topic–throwing more bullshit at each other. I like watching Christianity get own3d by Science, and Science being overwhelmed by what Christianity states–only to counter with a can of whoop-ass.

Hurray to Debates.

I known to be a debate just itching to happen. I guess my arrival didn’t help.

Debate just got boring after a while.

I got tired of the same aruguements over, and over, and over. I’ve never really been bored enough to check the topic out since I left.



as you can see there was another topic for this

Lol, I had noticed, but I didn’t say anything, because I wanted to give someone else the satisfacting of making the rest of us in fault. I’m just a nice guy. : P

I still come here every day, although I don’t tend to post very much. However, once my new fangame get’s it’s demo released expect me to post more often.

You self centered?

Personally, I think this forum is ok. Everyone seems ‘rooted’ and not ready to jump ship.
Now if you want to talk about new members I dunno, I haven’t personally looked for an increase in new people.