Kraid is founded near the phazon mines

i dont know if you guys have saw this one so

is pretty well modeled i think

Old as hell <_<

and I think kraid has three red eyes, not eleven gray eyes!

I think we know how he got so fat from Metroid to Super Metroid.

hey kraid you look like you need weght watchers

Those are the bolts that are keeping that “helmet” on his head you ditz >_>

…why the hell does he got a helmet anyway? and don’t call me ditz!

ur so late…that kraid picture is everywhere

Doesn’t Kraid have feet?

XD I guess Gene Kohler got lazy…

Kraid has a helmet on because he is, well,
he is sorta retarted… >_>

ITS A MODERN SCIENCE MIRACLE!! all single picture that is resised on my computer gets a neon green background, whit this kraid was diferent! god bless kraid!!

huh? is old? haamm… it took me so long to find…

Kraid was originaly supposed to be in MP1, but they decided to scrap the idea. This was a concept design for the boss. I for one, think they should have kept him in the game, but they should have kept a the traditional look.

(lol, this is also my avator.)

yes kraid has feet if you remember in super metroid and zero mission he has feet they might not show them becouse he might haven’t fully serfaced yet?

He was talking about the picture… I think he knows that Kraid has feet… :sweat:

I think that the feet isn’t there thanks to the shadow of kraids stomach or something like that

seen it. i had it as a Desktop before.

but good find anyway.


Well, just to clear things up a bit here, I’ll give some information (at least it’s the “official” stuff)

1.) Kraid HAS feet. It’s just that, in SM, he was partly submerged in the lava. I guess they hadn’t really thought about making him walk in Prime, since in the original fight he was stationary (Note how Zero Mission’s fight is exactly the same?).

2.) Kraid’s “helmet” was probably the only change they could make to him. Seeing as how they rebuilt Ridley, they probably rebuilt him too, the helmet must have been covering the wounded area (remember that to beat him you shot his eyes?)

3.) The idea wasn’t really scrapped, but not included due to time constraints. The problem was, by the time they had finished the game, Kraid was not included fully. His model was done, but the basics for his boss fight (area of the fight, methods) were not. There was also little time to spare since MP was being rushed onto the new platform, Game Cube. In the end, they called his character “unessential” and left him out.