PY’s suspension is fucking up the entire forum and everyones act. Just bring PY back and everyone just straighten the fuck up! Im not talking just about 072 or Daz, Im talking about everyone else. Zurg needs to chill as well. :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:
P2D just needs to straighten up anyway. It is making no damn progress and everyone is losing their minds out of boredom. That is why this is happening.

calm your koolaid rundas

We can’t play favorites. It’s his own damn fault for being a moron and ignoring our requests.

I liked the guy just fine, but I will not revoke his punishment just because a bunch of whiners can’t handle the fact that he fucked up.

read edited post
and btw, it was a sense of humor taken too seriously, and everyone on Earth is a whiner, so yeah

I’m honestly thinking of leaving. So yeah. C ya’ll.

I second what Rundas Said. Everyone has a different sense of humor. Maybe PY’s is disobeying authority. Maybe Dazzy’s is being a douche bag. Maybe mine is launching Mini Nukes at people. (fallout 3 baby!) Everyone is different. And, if 072 hadn’t said anything to PY, he wouldn’t have done anything.

wtf and Ashes is right

i second with Zurg
forum has gone to hell
and irritates me <_<

Jesus christ, people, grow up.


Daz is flaming. I take offense.

Do you WANT to be next or something? Martyring is meaningless without a cause.

maybe we don’t need to grow up, maybe you need to be younger. And, Zurg, I second the fact that Daz is flaming.

Now he’s making threats. runs

Edit 1: Sorry, double post. Thought somebody was after me.

Ashes, stop you just got here. Don’t ban Zurg, this is getting chaotic, everyone please just calm down

Daz, face it. You ban us and what little is left of this project dies.

Please stop guys, really. :cry:

We love this project, and Rundas, Candy Man, Zurg, and lots of other people have worked HOURS to make this project come to life. Can you repay them by unbanning PY? He was a good guy. Never hurt anyone, just had fun. Like all of us. We work on this for fun.

truthfully I never did aqnything for P2D yet. I was going to do the next artifact of the month but idk wtf is going on

Then stop making us ban you. We’re a purely reactionary force.

If you force me to ban you, the death of the project is on your hands, not mine.