kitty cat dance

Yeah, I’m sure absolutely 100% of the people in the world have seen this already, and there’s absolutely no way any of them could have lost the link and/or want to see it again. :unamused:

I haven’t seen this, anyway. Don’t be so rude like that, please.

eh… sry its a joke on one of my other forums… i must have accidentally forgot, and posted it here

its always in size 72, red, and has a ~ at the end :slight_smile: its a fad over there i guess…

The kitty cat dance has been around for yyyeeeaaarrrsss… I don’t think anyone with a good knowledge of the internet and an internet connection has not seen the dance.

well, yeah, but i only saw it 3 months ago.

hm… i choose not to look at it. i know its going to be something like the badger song… or magical trevor (which i actually still get entertainment from)