kingmetroid's sprite thread

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Link doesn’t work.

Try here.

Oh. :3

Now it works, but I had to wait like 3 minutes for the page to load. >.>;

Yeah, um, about the sprites, I can see a major colour distortion from a file format change. Also, you don’t have any shading, and an extreme colour contrast. Try improving on those areas.

there 2 years old, i just found them on my disk 2day. thanks for the advice.

the slideshows comin soon as i find out how…

its realy small

im just going to say they need craploads of work…

needs ALOT of work

mainly : shading and more frames =P

the reason theres no shading is because A: i suck at shading B: its 2 years old and i only spent 10 minutes on the actual sprites C: i was blind in my left eye at the time. im gonna try to shade l8r, after my corsework (damn the school)

about my eye, dont ask

well, santa isnt really fat enough. and those elves are a little for the robot, its ok, but theres no shading.

hows these? the new x-mas h8r robot.
ive decided to scrap the first blue design, and make these:
(links probably wont work)


he moves along by floating, like mewtwo in smash bros, only faster, with a trail of dust/ fire/ water/ green stuff/ thunder.

those two things on his arms are his death- sabers, but he does have hands (claws, at least) but they dont appear whilst he has his swords out.

i still need to think of more weapons, but im keeping the sabers, and givin him plasma burst, chaos beam, and im thinking of an electric coil, the meteor blast, and something named the hyper drain. (my friends are having a sprite contest, the prise is a mars bar.)

Uh, yeah could you try making the sheet smaller so it doesn’t take forever to load?

more poses… 2 more i think. colours sorted out a bit.

gonna do movement trails soon. making speed dash, battle armour, demon’s twin sabres, and scanner upgrades for him.

making more poses soon.

then, im making the main enemy soon, called Skullchain. and the metel bone army warriors.(of death)


Also, if you’re wondering, to do so, just drag the drawing canvas area into a smaller space. Like, grab the little blue square in bottom-right and drag up and left. Even if you plan to fill up that entire canvas, at least make it smaller for now.

this contains missles, and by the way, i wont b here for… a few days. im goin holiday, so i wont b here… i might have new sheet in few hours…

Why are you saving these as .gifs? It’s ruining the quality. Try .bmp or use a program like IrfanView to save it as a .gif or .jpg.

i dont think they are gif… gif’s arent even that low quality… im guessing jpeg… the spritebutcher format >_>

Low quality???

I save all my images and sprites as Gif’s. And you all should too.

Sorry, but I think .png’s are the spriter’s best choice. It’s compressed but still has the quality (you just can’t animate them [at least I can’t])

Nope. You can’t animate PNG files. I could understand you if you used it for photos or CG graphics, but pixelart and sprites… well well, I give up. :angry: Just remember that GIF’s are uncompressed and the only format that is foolproof when people help each other to make sprites.