Kesvalk-X Anime art

here is some of my creations, i am still learning by the way ^^’

this is one if my best:

this one i made while trying to learn how to make shades…

Made yesterday, trying to make a hair like Rukia’s of the anime “Bleach”

I made this one while trying to make another type of Hair:

this one is of a series that i made a while ago, of some schoolgirls:

i hope you guys like it… ^^

Hmmm pretty good. In penned manga though Colour makes a world of difference (pencilled with shading =colour bad penned =colour good)

Why is the hair under the eyes?

If you watch anime mirror, you would notice that he isn’t the only one to do it.

Ya jeez mirror watch some anime>_>. BTW kesvalk-x ya may want ta try some shading.

the last time i tryied to put some shade in one of my drawings i destroyed it, so i will wait some more time until i am confident enough to make the shades and other stuff, i am still in training, in fact i only had about 6 lessons until now…

The first one makes me think of Videl from Dragon Ball Z. I like it. Good job.

But yeah, eyes probably shouldn’t go in front of the hair that covers them. :slight_smile:

in fact the eyes show the personality of the character, if the character is a shadowy person and guard his cecrets to himself, then cover one of the eyes make him more dificult to perceive, but it can be gay too…

I liked the first one while my computer was first loading it. After the eyes, I can’t say I felt the same. Man I hate those kind of anime faces. But for the style, it is quite good, except for the fact that the chin is in the worst position ever (As well as other proportion errors). Horrible overbite.

The rest are REALLY sloppy.