Kano's Sprites

Hi im new and i like to sprite every so often. Here is an attempt at making a
samus sprite. edit i darkened it leeme know what you think.
lemme know what you think.

Needs a bit of work. Legs are too big, needs shading, and … horrible color. Sorry but it hurts my eyes. Change the shape of the visor to a more upside down triangle, blend he colors better, gun too small …

Any body else care to add to that?

Hm. I will.

Not to bad. Your shaping skills are decent, though your accuracy/proportions could use some work. The samus sprite itself is to chunky in the limbs. Also, there is no visible shading. You need to add more contrast between shades (meaning that shades are further enough from each other to look visible). Make the darkest shades darker, and the lightest shades lighter. But keep the base shade the same. Mabye dull it down abit. If you want, I can make an example.

How long have you been spriting?

Better than my first. Shade it and darken it for the others, then make the arm cannon longer. The legs aren’t bad actually.

I havent been spriting long. Im trying. Thanks for feedback. Ill darken it.

it looks like a male is in that suit…
but its good, for classic type of games

nice sprite


about to say the same thing

needs alot more contrast and better shaping… other then that, keep up the nice work =)

I get the feeling this guy isnt coming back to read our comments. :frowning: