Kai Axon X's(aka APX) Sprites

Image is Interlaced, It means that it looks crappy when loading but after it’s fully loaded it looks clearer.

You’re stretching the screen, and your sig’s too big.

Awesome sprites, but… follow the rules. You’ve been warned before, IIRC.

nice sprites man, I’m not really that good at advice unless the sprite looks completely gay so I’m gonna have to say its fine… for now.

Hmm… exactly what is it?

A gigant butterfly?


It’s an edited Zero with badly shaded hair. Really, you should tell people when it’s an edited sprite. It’s not even largely edited. Most of the attacks are the exact same!

And the edited armor on the back… it looks like you used a gradient fill to shade it. And you probably did, didn’t you?
That, and they’re not really outlined with anything, and… it just looks bad.
The large beamslash attack has little white dots in it.
The last frame of the fire attack is just three of the second frame.
So… what did you do for Zero’s base? Invert colors? Or use something like IDraw to change everything? Aside from the armor on his back, it’s all the original Zero. Aside from the extended attack animations, that is.

Edit: By the way, that’s an MMX 4 edit, right?

That sheet is Photoshop’d, or did you use GIMP or Paint Shop Pro?

If the image looks crappy when I try to save it lika a GIF with 256(!) colors, then I doubt that you made it pixel by pixel.

Usted retarda poco…

…That insult’s a little bit easier to pick out than most of your other ones, but whatever.

I bet that that sheet took no longer than ten minutes to throw together. Just changed the color with some program, made a few outlines off of the back, and then used a gradient fill.

i dont play megaman so i wouldnt know >_>

anyway, the ball thingy looks like it is of an acid creature or something, make it blueish or soemthing liek that

Well, they look kinda of crappy, I cutted the Sprite work so I don’t have to do much recoloring, but that’s the best result.

I shaded the hair by: Replace Color>> Lighten+ Replace Color

The gradient fill was my best choice for shading, the last time I tried to use a brush that brightens it looked badly, that’s my reason for using Gradients.

I used ImageForge Pro on those sprites.

Not a butterfly, Did you notice the armor design, it looks almost like an Arwing from Star Fo Assault.

no it was MMX 5… I remember pretty much all of his attacks. and that beam slash thing thats all alone is the C-Slash.

Using imageforge… That was nooby. You should use paint so you dont look like you are lazy at spriting. That sprite is zero that got inverted.

MegaMan X 4 Weapon Sprite
Thunder Dragon
Ice Sword

MegaManX 5 Weapon Sprite
Flame Sword
Ultimate Buster Shot
Zero Virus C-blaster and Hyper Slash

MegaManX 6 Weapon Sprite
Ice Shot
Up Flame Sword
Blade Buster Shot

Armor Movements
All modify by ultimate armor and used into Zero moves.
All modify from Zero armor
Ultimate Armor hover legs
Falcon Armor Aero Mode

Info about it:I think the butterfly thinging on his back, would perferr he was trying to make an Gundam wings.

Kida good sprite but I say it that the color are kida bright.

Impressive, though you did say they were edits.

Thanks, the are 2 Fire attacks:

Ryuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade)

Shoenzan (Soaring Flame Slash)

You may call it a butterfly but it’s design is similar to the Arwing from Star Fox Assault.

ok… So why didn’t you just go from scratch?


instead of editing… editing is for n0blets

he doesnt know what starting from scratch is. Oh my god dude. You start with nothing and work you way through it. Not editing an already existing sprite.

Nope, it’s just that I didn’t get what you were talking about.

well that doesnt defeat the fact that your post was spam or you didnt understand something. anyway… I thought it was a good sprite till i found out it was edited…

Im not good at making sprites…