Just random Metroid engines I worked on

SM Engine (Latest):
ZM Engine (Biggest):
MF Engine (A GM:S update made everything fucked up… Cancelled it earlier than usual!)

I had lots of ideas for each and every one of these engines, but I was held back by my intentions to keep the base as close to the original as possible. It’s hard to innovate when you’re just copying feature after feature after feature and… Shit just went nowhere.

Those are really well done!

The Super Metroid one reminds me a lot of this old beast. Is it related?

SR388 was the inspiration for my engine. I had to redraw all of the animations by hand, because ripping them from shitty-resolution videos wasn’t an option. I made the engine, but I just didn’t know where to go with it. It’s SM with more animations. How exciting.

I thought about making a project similar in style to this:


PS1 style graphics, smooth animations, beautiful backgrounds, tons of shit to explore and scan… I just don’t think I’m up to it.

RIP all your games lol.