Just a question....

I know there are people like me that dont need too (sometimes) but mostly do need to use a walkthrough for a game. Using walkthroughs is one of my passions. I like to use a walkthrough to walk me through the steps of beating a game 100% with all secrets. So my question is, Will there be an Official Walkthrough for beating Prime 2D 100%?

if someone decides to make one, yes. most walkthrough’s found on the internet are fan submited.

I’ll do it!

and there you go.lol

Chances are NOBODY will need a walkthrough for the friagate demo, and it could be several years before the actual game is completed. I wouldnt worry about it, people will definetly make walkthroughs.

There already is a walkthrough for Prime 2-D.

Well, the graphics in the screenshots are a little more detailed than you may want, but…

That’s a Metroid prime Walkthrough, the slight differences between 2D and 3D would need a new walkthough.

The only differences will be exactly where doors and items are placed in the rooms. The rooms will be connected the same way…

I see… So I should just be able to use a normal walkthrough and beat it with ease?