Just a little question about the timeline.

Does Metroid Fuision come directly after Super Metroid?

At the current time, yes.

This is the timeline:
Metroid/Zero Mission,
Metroid Prime,
Metroid Prime Hunters,
Metroid Prime 2,
Metroid Prime 3,
Metroid 2 the return of samus,
Super Metroid,
Dread if they are making it.

do you mean specifically after super metroid? like there isnt very much time between them? or do you mean in the order of games? fusion is right after super, but i dont know about time inbetween.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. Sorry for not being clearer about it.

It doesn’t come directly after Super Metroid. There is time inbetween, it’s not like Metroid 2-Super Metroid.

'K, thanx!

yes, right after it says in the opening to metroid fusion…but…knowing metroid so far evtually somethings gonna get put between those two games.

ehehe that would be interesting. is there any evidence to say that it IS right after it of not?