Jumpman vs. Swordsman

Mario vs. Link…who will win?

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Yeah, I know the topic may seem silly, but I think we can get a lively and intelligent debate out of this. Choose one character, and explain your reasons for why you think that one would win. I believe we could also discuss which is the superior franchise as well.

I will be arguing for Mario on both points, as I believe he is the underdog here. Let’s see what happens!

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Well, Mario is definitely the superior franchise. I mean, he’s Mario! But honestly, I think Link would win if they were to fight. Link has superior fighting skills due to the fact that he is a swordsman and an archer. Mario does have the advantage of Fireballs, provided that he finds a Fire Flower, but if Link has a metal shield, then that would have no effect. Other than that, I can’t think of a way that Mario could actually damage Link. I mean, jumping on him would hurt like a bitch, but it wouldn’t kill him. It might seriously injure him, though, so that could be an advantage. Now that I think about it, Mario could have a chance, but I wouldn’t give him TOO much credit.

Link may have multiple weapons, but Mario has proven himself to be a better physical fighter. First, as you mentioned, he can jump, which is something Link appears to be mostly incapable of doing, save leaping over a pit, a short ranged jump attack, or with the use of the Roc’s Feather/Cape. That is logical, considering Link is carrying a ton of gear, but it slows him down. Link can’t really run either, unless he uses the Pegasus Boots, and with those on, he can’t turn, so his agility goes way down.

Mario on the other hand can jump obscenely high, several times his height, as well as use Wall Jumps and Ground Pounds, abilities that make him tough, quick and agile. Plus Mario is far stronger than Link, which can be easily proven. First in Super Mario 64 and in later games, Mario easily throws around the much larger and heavier Bowser, yet in Ocarina of Time, if Link uses the Hookshot on Ganondorf, who is closer to Link’s size than Bowser is to Mario, Link gets yanked towards him, without even a chance of pulling back. Mario would annihilate Link if it got to close combat. His speed and power greatly exceed Link’s.

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I think that this all depends. Under normal circumstances, you would think Mario would stand no chance. But on occasion, he can shoot fireballs, fly, and even ride a go-kart!

And in the RPG games, he can withstand some serious crap.

Also, he can turn into a racoon.

And a frog.

Quite True. My point is that if they were to get into true close-combat, I think Link would win just because he has a sword and is trained to use it accordingly. However, Mario’s Strength would be a definite advantage.

Mario jumps fifty feet high, and instantly kills things.
Edit: Then again, Link has an invincible shield.

Not if it lights on fire…

Oh, s123i68 and your most random name, I must scoff at your assertions. Link is most certainly NOT trained to use a sword, as is evident in the majority of the games. He usually is just handed one, and can swing it in a few basic ways…vertical, horizontal, a short stab, jump attack, and the spin attack where he…spins around real fast.

He does seem to have some actual training in Princess, but I would by no means call Link a master swordsman. His true strength comes from his variety of items, which I must say, can be quite closely matched with Mario’s.

I am most pleased to see that people are actually responding…this could get interesting.

(P.S. In the game of life, first person to the finish line loses.)

Once again, Quite True. I was, however, referring to the Princess version of Link, in which he receives training by a swordsman. Did I say Master Swordsman? Because if I did, I am most deeply sorry. I didn’t mean Master, and I apologize for the confusion. And yes, His true strength comes from a variety of items. However, I still stand with my point in that Mario has nothing to defend himself with, such as a shield or armor. Therefore, Link would have the upper hand, but he could lose if Mario starts throwing punches, which he can evidently do seeing as how it’s not that hard and it is seen the the Smash Bros. Games. But yes, This could get interesting indeed.

Also, Daz, if Link had a metal shield, then it is truly invunerable, but if it was wooden, then you are correct, and seeing as how Mario does have some flame based attacks, that is a viable argument. I Concur with your statement. So before we go further, I believe we should use a Link template from one of the games, so as to resolve whether or not he is truly trained in swordsmanship.

s123i68, I would most severely caution you about restricting yourself to a Link of one game, as that would most definitely limit your argument.

But, to expand on that point, Mario has much more EXPERIENCE than Link does. First, Mario has been in many more games and adventures, and had a wider variety of challenges. Additionally, since most Zelda’s feature a new Link, with the same Link not starring in more than two games…Link to the Past/Awakening, Ocarina/Majora, Waker/Hourglass, Ages/Seasons…it would seem to indicate that Link is severely less experienced than Mario, who, according to my knowledge, there is only one of.

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Yet again, very true. I just want to clear up the whole swordsmanship issue, but seeing as more often than not Link has little or no experience with a sword whatsoever in his games, I’ll go with that. Mario does have more experience, as you would say, but just because Link changes templates in terms of design doesn’t mean he’s a different person. I do see your point, though. I guess I sort of jumped to conclusions when I said that Link would win because he has a sword. I’m starting to doubt him myself, but for the time being, I stand by my previous argument. By wielding a sword, not only does Link have a longer range than Mario, he also has an offensive advantage. His bow and arrows also allow ranged attacks, and his bombs with explosive ordinance. I just think Mario, a person known to just jumps on people or shoots fireballs at enemies would lose to a sword-wielding, bomb throwing, arrow shooting, armor clad fighter. And I use the term wielding lightly, seeing as how he doesn’t normally use a sword.

Actually, my debating comrade, it does mean he’s a different person.


Basically, since every Zelda game takes place in a different time…often by hundreds of years, the Link’s in each game are descendants of each other…weren’t you ever curious as to why each Link had to get the basic items all over again?

Besides, as I said before Mario has plenty of items as well…Fire Flower, Metal Cap, Cape, Tanooki Suit, Frog Suit, Hammer Suit, the hammer he uses in the RPG’s…reasonably well I might add, Raccoon Suit, Vanish Cap, Wing Cap, the list goes on and on, and while it may not have as many items on it as Link does, they’re close…closer than you might think…

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Wait, I’ve got another reason why Mario already won.

If Link’s using his fancy magic items, then Mario demands his Starman.

Why don’t you guys go put SSBM Link, level 9, against SSBM Mario, level 9?

Timaster, the problem with that is we want to know who would REALLY win, not how computers who portray them win. Plus, level 9 computers on Melee actually are only concerned on killing the enemy, therefore, they do not perform attacks sufficently. I can easily beat a level 9 with little or no sweat, considering all I have to do is just deliver multiple small hits, and then send the computer flying with a single hit.

Nostril Kitty (love the name, btw), I was quite unaware that they actually take hundreds of years apart :blush: . It just seems odd to me that more often than not that Link’s descendants recieved power from the Triforce when it is so rare. I was always under the impression that you had to get the same items because at the end of the last game, Link didn’t feel the need to continue to use them. Well, now that I read up on the legend of Zelda as a whole, I must seriously doubt Link’s ability to defeat Mario. Hm…this is quite the conundrum, seeing as how I’m the only one supporting him. Hm…Well, I don’t really have much choice. Mario would most likely win, but I think that he would come away from it with a few nasty cuts, at the very least. This debate, however, was interesting, to say the least. I hate to admit defeat, but sometimes you have no choice. You either accept it or you go into denial, both of which I hate. I do hate denial more, though. So, good debate, and good day to you, good sir. Hopefully, someone can come up with another one soon.

EDIT: You know, to be honest, I think I just chose Link’s side because no one was supporting him at the time…I just wanted to feel the flame of debate again, now that Hunter vs. Spartan has ended.

PY jumps in
Mario would certainly stand a chance, but think of it this way, jumping:
Link locks on, and does his jump dashy thing to get out of the way, before thwacking mario.
Fireballs:Still quite slow, so he could avoid them, or sheild against them w/ the metal sheild.
Tanooki/raccon suit: Clawshot!
Basicly, link can counter all of Mario’s moves, but does he have the skill/reactions?
EDIT:Ground Pound? eep.

Nothing counters starman.

The power of the TriForce!

Man, I’m glad I’m done. Link really doesn’t have a chance of winning…at all. Just look at Kitty’s and my posts. They basically cover it all.

Nayru’s Love lasts almost a minute. A starman doesn’t last as long.

(I would’ve used an actual Mario game’s starman, but I couldn’t find a video of one. We all know they’re pretty short though >_>)

Starmen kill enemies upon contact, Nayru’s Love makes Link invincible (though he can still be knocked around IIRC). So which item takes priority over the other?