Jarsi's Sprites



Wind Waker style Link:

WIP Samus. Colors by Luminous Reaver.

Samus made for NRPG:



RPG style Samus:

More coming soon.

Nice sprites, give pikachu some lightning attack. If you want I can get a list of all of pikachus moves for you to make 'em, if you want 'em. I’ve seen these before… Do you go to pixeltendo or Project jenova?

No… Who posted them?

EDIT: It’s supposed to be some kind of lightning…

I know you off of SCU. Definetly some nice stuff there. Not perfect, but definetly nice. I really like the Samus.

Wich one? :slight_smile:

very impressive samus, its very different from most sprites, it doesn’t seem 2d, and looks completely 3d (as it should), maybe i have over-reacted and it is simply pixel art, but still good looking.

Did you post these at SCU, I remember them at SOME other forum, SCU might be it.
You need for the lightning a sprite of it without the zap collision at the bottom, you also need:

Growl: a dark gray zigzag line with upleft and upright ones too(optional)
Thunder wave:Yellow circles
Quick attack:Take the smash effect and make it gray and rotate it and add a dahing pikachu sprite
swift:a yellow star
surf:a surfboard and a wave add a happy pikachu in a surfing pose(optional)

Those will have a good pikachu move selection, you may add more if you want.
You NEED walking and/or 4 feet on ground running, maybe jumping.
I can make pokeballs to go with it ^_^.

I posted some of them in SCU forums.

sheet that nrpg samus and youve got yourself the best sprite eeeeeeeeeevvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaa

Umm…i dont really think he cares. Your pretty much demanding he take your ideas for a pickachu sprite sheet he didnt even say he wanted to finish.

Kinda irritating…

Of course, if he doesnt mind, it’s not my place to comment. But still…


Also, Lloyd looks incredibly awkward. His head is deformed, he has no ear, his hair is really small and misshapen, his face looks weird, and the shading on both he and Link just seem really strange. I don’t know how to describe it, but the colors and style don’t work at all. Seems almost pastelle-y. Link’s face is again pretty odd.

The first Samus… can’t say much there, but the torso looks a bit off. It appears to be … like a snake’s belly, almost. And her leg shape is awkward but that might just be the unfinished lineart speaking.

The second Samus is nice, but her feet are a bit strange looking, her right shoulder is horribly detailed, and her left arm and hand… um… I’m not even gonna touch that one.

Pikachu seems to have a perpetual :< expression, and his shading is extremely pillowed and ugly.

Don’t have much to say about Yoshi except that his proportions seem to change when he changes poses, and his stomach shading is lacking.

RPG Samus’s helmet is excessively pillowed and dented, her visor looks nice but the reflection seems to extend into her chest a little which looks kinda strange, and her legs/feet bend in places they shouldn’t unless she was a frog or space pirate >_>

It’s decent work overall, but you need serious practice on shading and proportions with a lot of this stuff.

I don’t know what’s wrong with shading…

PS: Dazuro, did you get my PM?

Uh, nope. Also, Samus’s new helmet shading is really asymmetrical and weird.

i love the way you shaded the metal on the large samus… it looks very metallic :smiley:

I really like how Link and Pikachu turned out. :slight_smile: Nice work!

Thats pretty good stuff there. keep it up!

Made Deku Link,

What do you think?

shrugs pretty good but I’ve seen better.