Jack Thompson strikes again

Jack Thompson malarkey

can this guy just go die in a hole?

I mean really, and even as a Canadian I’m affected by this, because
1: the Canadian government likes to parrot other countries
2: if this goes through, all western devs making M-rated games will stop
3: Immigration to Canada from the US will likely increase if it fall through

“he trained on Mature-rated video games to … train for this mass killing.”
He’s obviously put a lot of thought into what he’s saying.

Indeed, as yathzee said in his condemned 2 review video games are about as far removed from the workings of real guns as possible, yes, ima use mah mouse and keyboard/ controller to practice the use of a pistol and killing

I mean this is why he was disbarred from the Florida courts

… Do I need to mention to you how fail this is? A nation-wide bad on mature video games? What’s next, a nation-wide ban on pornography? Madness. I need 'em both to keep me happy. :frowning:

He’s an idiot. That’s all there is to it.

“Hey, I’m gonna send a letter to Obama about how video games are bad, and how he should ban them!”

Obama’s got bigger problems, Jack. You know, the whole “economic crisis” thing that he’s trying to fix. That’s a bigger deal than some kids getting off to a screen filled with blood.

The mere idea that you can peg the deaths of those lives in Germany on video games is not only an insult to the gaming industry, but to those who died. Thompson should be ashamed of himself.

While I’m for the censorship of violence when it comes to children (kids should be allowed to be kids, not thrust into the real world when their seven), censoring all people from these violent games is unfeasible.

I’ve always looked at Thompson, and said “while I understand that he’s trying to make the world a better and nicer place, he certainly could’ve picked a more influential media outlet, and even then, his arguments and attempts to try and help the world seem so self-glorified that he must be doing it for himself rather than humanity.”

Thompson has the right idea when it comes to keeping children away from violent media, but his crusade is so glorified (by him) that it becomes a ridiculous endeavor that looks like he’s trying to just get rid of video games all together. It’s like he has something to prove to the world, and the only way to prove it is by making humanity miserable.

And get some toothpaste, geeze. Those teeth look sickly.

i vote we set him on fire

all in favor, grab a torch and a flame thrower

torch is for fun, flame thrower is to throw flame

And torchthrowing is for throwing flaming fun =D

It won’t go through, and Jack’s friggin’ crazy. If you listen to him for about two minutes, you’ll hear approximately 8376941 things that don’t make sense. NONE of his arguments make sense.

He said some freeway snipers trained by playing Halo. On their XBox. Using godmode. Godmode doesn’t exist on the XBox version, you’d probably have to mod a PC version for that. Not to mention Halo’s sniping, especially the fact that you’re aiming with a JOYSTICK, is nothing like real Halo.
He said that a kid brought a gun to school, and that he was wearing a red bandanna. He was caught, nothing happened. But he compared the red(!) bandanna to Snake’s ‘red’ (or fuckin’ teal) headband, saying that he was trying to copy the commando tactics in the MGS games.
Well… obviously, the headband’s a different fucking color, which wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t the entire basis for his argument. And aside from that, they didn’t FIND any MGS games in the kid’s house.
I’ma slap him someday.

There was also a news report with Jack on there, talking about a school shooting… he said that you would find violent video games in the kid’s house.
“But have there been any video games found in the house?”
“No, see, I know this is what they’ll find.”
“But is there any evidence?”
“Well, yes, there is, from my experience. They will find a stash of violent video games in their house. He trained on shooters to gain the skill and mindset he needed to go into a school and start shooting!”
“But is there any evidence at all for your claims?!”
“Yes!! My experience as a lawyer is-”
“Your experience as a lawyer is not conclusive, Mr. Thompson, now is there any hard evidence that has been found in the house?”

That went on for about a minute before the reporter gave up on Jack and moved on.
Oh, by the way Jackie, as of a few months ago when I was researching the topic… Violence in minors is at a low =D

So in other words, he’s insane, it won’t go through, and anyone who’s talked or listened to the man for more than a few seconds knows his arguments are fail.

Edit: By the way…

In everything he’s ever written, THAT is the expert “experience” that he always quotes. That’s what he uses to rationalize his position.

I don’t get why he’s making it seem like the game industry is giving these games to kids. It’s not their responsibility to limit what gets in the hands of children, that’s kind of the parent’s responsibility. I mean, how easy is it for them to look at the rating on the box and say “no?” Many kids can’t afford their own games, so their parents BUY the games for them. And even though some stores fail at it, a lot of them DO ask for an ID or something when you buy a game… Other than that, what else should the game industry do? Start marketing M and A-O rated games to adult shops or something instead of regular retailers? I’m sure everyone will be uber excited to head down to the local sex/porn shop to pick up MGS or Halo.
Nooot to mention wal-mart would probably dislike that, as I’m sure they pull a considerable amount from video games. Make a few threats and statements and they’d probably have any ban axed… and for once, I would be on their side, which is a scary thing for me to admit <_<;;

Wait…siding with Wal-mart…is that even possible?


I agree, Cloud. But siding with Wal-Mart…Man, I didn’t think it was even a possible rational thought…


I know. But when it comes to hating Jack Thompson, everyone’s on the same page.

Guy’z a nutcase. Dont take away my Saints row 2, Resident Evil 5, Halo 3, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Fallout 3, and Call of Duty 5. And CERTAINLY not my (hopefully in the future) Dead Rising 2.

keel heem wiff fiar!

…you can’t even try to like… comment- i don’t even know what to say, just stop.

there is no way to reason with thompson, the only thing you (everyone in the entire world) can do to get him to dissapear is to not pay attention to him. he’s the biggest troll/asshole there is and everyone is feeding him.

too bad parents side with him because they don’t understand either. there’s no way to kill someone that CAN’T be linked to videogames.

oh well.

Tru Dat yo.

make it look like he overdoesed on drugs or something

both discredits him, because he’s a druggie
and of course kills him!

Tim, can’t we sell him to the russian mob?

Cut him in half, then give one half to the Russian mob, and the other to the Italian mob. DOes sweden have a mob?

Dude, what the hell makes you think we’d want anything to do with him? Maybe if you pay us…


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