ive just had an idea for sumthing

heres a game idea: dragons.

you play as dragons or knights, set in the same time period as that king arthur stuff, and you can play as higher ranks in the knight/ dragon armies, like elite knights and armoured dragons. that would be ace. nintendo should make a game like that on wii. and large variety of weapons, for over twelves to keep little kids off, a sensible ammount of blood, swearing, and fire. wouldnt that just be awsome? and everything is dark, exept for in the castles and stuff.

ive had dreams about this game.

yeah i was obsessed with dragons a while back… this’d be a really cool game :slight_smile:

yeah, nintendo have just gotta make this game. if they dont i will write in and say “hey nintendo dudes, make this game plz coz it wud b rly gud and everyone wud play it coz everyone wants a game lyk this,kk nintendo?”

it would be awesome to play that online with heqadsets on the wii

there might be something like this on wii, i dont think ayone has ever done it before. i can emagine fighting in a massive feild and its foggy and fire arrows flying into peoples faces. i can emagine infiltrating a castle trying to get the fat kings gold and killing his soldiers metal gear style. and i can also emagine fighting in a castle courtyard, using dragon soilders to kill the knights. is there any game simmilar to this? if there is i will probably go out of my way to get it.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R might be something like that idea

hmm it sound fun but on the topic of games i would love to see a worldwide online Medal of Honor type war game. where you fill up the armies of two sides and go to war in HUGE maps.

A super-duper-pooper-scooper MMOFPS would be impossible. Not only would the server have to be huge but your computer would have to be top of the line, and even then you’d need a perfect connection (along with ever other player if you want it to run well without constant freezing). It’s bad enough with today’s online FPS so don’t get your hopes up.

true i wasnt thinking about that. not that i would be able to play, my computer is what the mediocre computers take a shit on.

you could have huge maps if the graphics sucked :^_^: