its sunday, wheres the demo???

Its Sunday, the end of the week. “demo will be ready by the end of the week.”
so? u guys are extending the release arent u? well, hope it comes soon. not to rush u, just wonderin why i dont see ademo on my screen right now.

acually, sunday is the first day of the week :sweat:

Which makes it TWO days late.

Meh, i guess i can wait. But it BETTER BE READY BY TUESDAY!!! J/K, couldnt resist that. Anyway, it’ll give us the final feel of the game pretty much.

acually one day…

…well, like, end of week like “this time next week” or “week-end” or “end of the business week” or “end of the full-damn week” or “…hm…about…a week…?” ?

SM please stop, I’m getting confused.


There’s a small delay, I’m waiting for black sands to complete his parasite enemy…
I can finish it today if you like… but without the parasite enemy and without the tallon overworld part.

yes!!! new demo plz :slight_smile: i dont care about those stupid critters!

and, u can add on to it later, yes?

I’d rather wait. =/

id rather have those in the demo. so id rather wait but i see youve released the new demo already. im checkin it out right now.

like i said b4… they can always add the new spiffy stuff in >.>

the demo is sweet! espesially the beggining cutscene. awsome!
Is there a topic for discussing the demo? should make one if there aint.

yeah i just posted in that topic… like i said b4… very spiffy indeed :slight_smile: