It's probably been said before, but...

I’ll just start off by saying that P2D is one of the coolest ideas that I have ever heard for a video game. An hour ago, I didn’t know it existed, but as an avid (and quite possibly rabid) fan of the Metroid series, I stumbled upon this wonderful place just a little while ago.

First of all, after having played the two newest demos, I want to congratulate you guys on a job fantastically done. The sounds, visuals, and controls showed me that you really care about this. I hope to God that this project is seen through to the very end. To trail off a bit, I once started a Megaman fan game, but got almost nowhere when I realized that I was a terrible spriter (this was before I had the internet, so asking someone else was almost an absurdity). I’m quite glad that you haven’t given up as embarassingly easily as that. :smiley:

That’s really all that I have to say. Though you’ve probably already received too many compliments much more eloquently stated than mine, I felt that I had to say something to you.

To put it simply: good job so far; good luck in the future. 8)

Hell yea! METROID FTW! I played MP1 and MP2 and I have to agree that the controls are not what i would expect of a FPS game so i have to agree 2D Metroid > 3D Metroid. I would like to thank the P2D team and after playing the new Build Demo it was really suprising how well they emulated MP. And, it might be true that you guys recieved a lot of compliments but a few more dosen’t hurt does it?

Keep up the good work!

… Omg, it’s the dancing smilie! I was wondering where that thing vanished off to… I lost the link a while back. :astonished:

adds to smilie list

… Oh, right. Back on topic, thanks for the encouraging words. And don’t worry–we’ve put too much work into this to give up now!

ya if you stop now I might just have to relive my rage by smacking the next person I see