is xmas more about presents ?

i was in town, and i looked at this nativity thing, it was the scene from the place were jesus was born, with the 3 kings, sheperds, ect, when an old woman said “thats what christmas is supposed to be about, not buying others love with metireal goods”. but i had just got yoshis island ds, and i forgot about what she said until just now, and i was thinking, is she right about christmas relying on material goods? i mean, christmas being the ultimate holiday, would it be no better if it was just familys getting together? i remember being told by teachers, christmas is about presents, but they hardly mentiond jesus. just about all relogions have family gatherings, but i dunno, w/o presents, would xmas be any better or not?

im not sure, but i think without presents, there would be alot less people celebrating it.

Meh, Thanksgiving has no presents, and people celebrate that too. Christmas would just be another dinner with the family and plenty of people would still go for it–the kids would just be less hyperexcited over it.

yeah, that is very much true. really it comes down to kids. More could be done with what the holiday actually represents though. Love christmas songs…

im athiest…i celebrate christmas…but its just to return the favor of my friends giving me gifts.

Christmas has been more than the celebration of Christ’s birthday… you do realize that don’t you? Yes, it was not originally intended to be all presents, but I guess all the “being nice” and the “Saint Nick” idea really messed up Christmas… but you won’t see anyone complaining.

exactly, and the whole gifts thing i belive originated from the 3 kings giving jesus gifts, but thats just some lame 11th century pope’s excuse for making december 25th jesuses birthday and some time to give friends and family gifts to convert hethens or something to cristianity…it worked, obviously.

For me, Christmas is 60% about the presents, 20% about all the great movies that come out, 10% about Santa Claus and small elves seen everywhere, 5% about police cars ticketing everyone on the highways to meet their quota, 4.9% about the Santa hats added to every other avatar across the internet, .09% about drinking eggnog, .009% about hoping for just a little bit of snow and getting rain instead, and .001% about the birth of … everyone who was born on December 25th.

So yeah. It’s more about the presents for me. Unfortunately.

the present thing was a marketing plan that worked, if you see the name… "Christ"mas
the meaning of christmas is remeber the birthday of jesus, and remeber the hope that he gave to us…

but, the christmas spirit" actualy is good, in christmas you see more people helping others, well peraphs is only here in Brasil… who knows…

I certainly value Jesus over family, presents, etc., but I also realize that people act far nicer around Christmas, which is a good thing regardless.

so we kinda have to thank that santy clause shit for the presents.
remembers seed of chuckie

“i knew it! youre not real! you were never real, do you know what that kind of dissapointment can do to somebody? do you have any idea how much that can…FUCK WITH YOUR MIND! FUCK WITH YOUR MIND! FUCK WITH YOUR MIND! FUCK WITH YOUR MIND! and so on.”

god, that part of the movie rocked.

who the hell created saint nick anyway?

I don’t know about the whole theory of him (possibly someone in europe). But; Coca Cola created the image of the current Santa in the USA/My home and native land :laughing: .

yeah, thats why hees red nd white

ah…corrupt ol coca-cola…gotta love’em

what about Miss santa? they live in north pole, but she uses only a top and a little short…

and how santa claus married her? he must be a don juan, only fat…

I belive thats just some guys bullshit

santa clause, or Sinterklaas, originated in the netherlands. he was a person that gave gifts to the poor. one christmas, he even had to throw a gift down the chimney to give it. The gift landed in a little girl’s sock where she had laid it out to dry by the fire. at least, thats what ive been told.

:O_O: and the amaricans mutilated it as much as they did?!?

i remember when i was 4 and i was out shopping with my mum, she took me to see santy clause and i pulled his beard off… lol

King metroid, you need to post this type of thing in the “strange happenings” topic…