Is this true

My friends older brother said that there is a chip for the Xbox 360 that inables it to play ps2 games and Gamecube games. Now is that a lie cause I would like to know?

If there was it wouldn’t be legal.

Sad part is that it’s probably true. The Xbox is pretty open ended, and i’ve heard of people doing weirder shit with it.

Yes. It is true. People have been moding their xboxs for some time now.

People also have a rom burners put in, where you can take a xbox game and duplicate it. People tend to rent xbox games just for those purposes.

someone put a pc drive in an xbox.

A PC drive? What do you mean, a hard drive?
That’s not all that hard to do…

ROM Burners pretty much come with all XBox(360) mod chips (they have started modding 360s have they?). And yes, my friend had a mod chip, and yes, he rents games and burns them onto his XBox before it broke. You can get Emulators for your PSP, which means that NES,SNES,GB/C/A and a lot of slower consoles can be runned on the PSP with emulators.

yep, i have a n64 emulator on my psp…*did until i upgraded past 1.5…:frowning:

The only reason that I thought it was not true is because the Sony’s controller have more buttons than the Xboxs. :confused:

sheesh… why not just get a computer? i mean siriously, the 360 even has a hard drive. >.>

might as well, I find that the Xbox games are not fun.