is there something i should know?

did like japan get a 3rd person version of metroid prime and a first person one?..or did they get a prime game we didn’t?or is there just a setting on metroid prime i just don’t know about.

It was originally going to be in 3rd-person, as a lot of the beta pictures on SCU show, but they switched to first-person and stayed that way.

Those pictures look EXTREMELY fake, though. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if that’s the exact same Samus picture just with a flipped head, pasted onto those two screenshots. It’s definitely the exact same GUI (check the map and HP >_>), with a tiny little circle photoshopped in for the enemy. Poor job at trying to get people confused and think those are real, but ironically they could be. <_<

It is true that it was third-person originally, though. IIRC there’s an interview mentioning that in it somewhere on SCU, in the Prime or Prime 2 sections.

oh…uhh…those are fake…your right…so theres no way to get my hands on a 3rd person version of prime?

Nope. There are no 3rd-person copies around. You can go through the beta screenshots on SCU (or on IGN since there are beta videos there, too–No 3rd-person ones IIRC, but lots of interesting beta things) if you’re interested in seeing a little of what it’d be like, though.

i just looked at the 3rd person stuff on scu… i think i would have liked it 3rd person more…just i guess your view would be blocked by samus some times. but maybe if prime was 3rd person the halo and metroid rivalry would never have started?

Those aren’t fake. I’ve seen the old videos they’re from.

The ones behind Samus and the HUD are real, but the maps in both are exactly the same, the health is the Same, the lighting on Samus is the same, Samus is in the same position other than a flipped head, and there’s a cut-off IGN logo in the bottom-left of one that I know for sure had no 3rd-person Samus + HUD in it (it’s from that teaser cutscene thing with the beta PQ).

Oh, sorry, you’re right… D:

There were some real screenshots of 3rd person Samus in the CHozo Ruins though.

Think you could find links to the videos?? I’d love to see what prime was intended to be.

Look farmiliar?? Think beggining of MP2. Mabye this is where they got the inspiration.

Kinda looks like an arm cannon for the arm cannon, but might’ve been intended to be ice beam or something.

I have no comment for this pic. It just looks nasty.

Yeah, that old cannon was really weird. I think it might have been for the Fusion Suit (it has concept art for a cannon in the gallery), since the beta normal gun looks similar to the modern one, just… weird and blocky.

…what if i broke into the nintendo building in japan…then could i get one(3rd person copy of metroid):stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that there is no existing data of it left.

aw…i bet there is…buys a ticket to japan see you l8er!!

but seriously. if they released a 3rd person version of metroid prime, would you buy it, do you think you would have liked it? (like released a 3rd person one and a 1st person one)

Good luck getting a copy in Japan, seeing as the game was made in Texas and all that >_>

Yea! Thats where I live! Runs down the street to Retro Studios

Um … Nope. No 3rd person copies available. Sorry!

WOW! those look REALLY cool! aswome!

not the last one… it has a really bad render style.

On 2005 Metroid Prime 3; Corruption was going to have planets including Zebes. Now it seems there is no Zebes on the Bata pictures on 2006. What has happened?

Zebes in Corruption? Since when. I’ve heard nothing of it, not to mention that it would create massive loopholes.

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Post dates FTW.

About the 3rd person metroid… It is entirely possible to pull off. All you need are (let’s just say you should play phantasy star alot). I won’t tell you how (friggin rules…), but you need to get a dump of the game disc. open up a hex editor, and change ONE, count 'em ONE Variable, which is the FOV to a negative number, re burn it to a mini DVD , running BACKWARDS on the Disc, good luck, need to have an engineering degree to pull that one off. Voila, Samus is now in the way of the camera.

You’d need the source code to make it the way that you want it to be, and good luck getting it, let alone knowing what to do with it.