is there anything i can help with?

im not very good with making games… that is because i have never had any experience with it… but i would be very interested in doing pretty much anything that will speed up the process of making this game :slight_smile:

so if its anythng to do with like testing :wink: to maybe even writeing up text documents for who knows what, then i could manage with that (and i could put in some good ideas while im at it)

so please answer me on this topic


I have the same problem as you. I’m ok at sprites, and I have very basic knowledge of Gamemaker. I’ll probably end up making a few simple sprites, if nobody has any suggestions.

(I’m going a bit overboard on BBcode. 2 posts and 3 formatting…thingys!)

If you guys want to help, you better get started on some Frigate stuff.

Right, I’ve started on a Parasite, and a Auto Defense turret. They’re very, very basic at the moment…

EDIT: Hmm… am i right in thinking those two have already been made?

unhuhunh. PM Daz with that question.

Almost all if not all sprites are done.

so what is left to work on? lol :smiley:

I’m not really sure, to be honest. :neutral_face: We still need an engine, and both of our programmers are really slow and take long breaks.

I don’t want to sound negative towards P2D or anything, but if it pushes up daisies, it will be because it never gets programed. Apparently, no one wants to program, which is understandable because it is the most complex component of producing a game. Thus, the likelyhood of getting more programmers is slim, which increases the probability of this project going under, say, 10 fold? Ouch…


Daz is just exaggerating, Gold Leader. DF only took a break for a month, and maybe not even, as he came back posting his updated to-do list with more things completed.

long breaks… Hey, I still got a life you know… Last month, I got finals, so I didn’t have any time to work on it. School & life >>>>>>>>>>>>> p2d

slow… You have NO idea how hard p2d is to make. Gamemaker can be a piece of shit program when it comes to doing advanced things. I’m making progress, slowly.
Better slow and good then fast and bad.

You’ll definatly notice the progress diference when you see the next demo. It’s starting to feel like a metroid game more and more :slight_smile:

Want a to-do list? I’ll give you one

-start menu
-game save system
-game load system
-logbook pause screen
-cutscenes (x4)
-outro (sp?)

-space pirates (x3)
-parasite queen
-electricity and fire

-scan system
-grapple beam
-healt sytem
-death animation & cutscene
-shooting in 8 directions (4 done)
-samus power suit

-create 40+ rooms
-create scan logs
-create a great metroid atmosphere
-create lots of extra stuff :astonished:

That should be it I guess
It may seem a lot, but remember I also got a lot done. Most of the hardest things are complete already, like the movement engine.

So yea, now you got an idea how hard p2d is to make.

I never said you didn’t have a life. All I said was that it was progressing slowly. You DID take long breaks. Whether it was for a good cause or not, you did. So don’t get pissed at me for stating facts.

I was pissed because you made it seem like I was lazy and not skilled. At least, that’s how I understood your message.

And breaks ARE nesesary, without them, I would just get crazy from p2d and give up.

Again, I apologize if you took it that way, but I was merely stating a fact. He asked what we needed. What we need is an engine. We don’t yet have an engine because the programmers are taking breaks. There was no offense intended.

uuh trailing a tad bit off topid now, anyways… are there any simple sprites to make? (like maybe a background PEICE and like beams… and i would really like to see a diffrent kind of missle because the one that i have seen in screenshot looks like… a dildo… lol… ok wel i got that out haha… yeah one thing is i have NEVER played metroid prime nor do i know a thing about it, exept liek when it takes place and a bit about whats it about, but about the actual gameplay… nothing … not a bit of anything… so, if i was offered a potential job, i would really like some specific details, like IF the missle is needed i wouldent mind making it with “matching colors” to doors or what-not, liek if plain missles open a blue door, then there will be a hint of blue on the missle, if power bombs open red doors, then hint of red added in there

wow what a long posts…

to sum it up for whoever is to lazy to read it, please find out what is needed and tell me… PLEASE~!@@!!@ i wanna contribute