Is MotherBrain, Metroid Prime

Awhile ago I was under the impression that Metroid Prime was actully MotherBrain. This theory came up when I saw the 100% ending, when it grabbed Samus it looked exactly like MB, plus a comment from the show X-Play. Maybe in the Space Pirate’s attempt to resurrect Mother Brain, it was fused with a metroid thanks to “Miracle Grow” (aka Phazon). It sounds like nonsense, but I’m really convinced, why else would Dark Samus be so intent on killing Samus.

[anwser to the fat text] maybe because samus destroid its body?

Not another one of these…

MP is NOT, and I mean NOT Motherbrain. MB was only on Zebes as the planet’s defence controller, that’s it. There is no connection between MB and MP in the slightest other than they are both in Metroid games.