is metroid2 worth it?

ya i found out they have metroid two: return of samus at a microplay in ottawa (which i live in) but its 14.99$ which isn’t alot of money but alot of money for a chunky old gray gb game and i have to walk for like 3 and a half hours so yeah is it worth it?

I paid $14.50 for my cartridge about a year ago. It’s worth it if you’re a Metroid fan.

A year ago I paid roughly $10.00 for it. It was the last cartridge at GameStop. Even if it’s 14 bucks, it isn’t really that bad and it’s getting harder to find. Like Troid said, if you’re a fan it’s worth it.

Three words:Import from England.
It’s ?2.99 over here.
If You can buy it.Get it.It’s good

k ya i bought it and so far i have 100 missles, 2 energy tanks, spider ball, ice beam, and morph ball bombs…and yes it was worth it =)

yeah its worth it im sure you know now… im looking all over for one cause my uncle lost his (which i used to play) and i just want to have all the metroid games.

It wasnt bad. I bought it for 14.99$, and even though i feel it was overpriced, it has a very satisfying feeling that you wish the prime games could have.

Damnit… bought it for $4 at eBay and the save batteries were out… I got a refund though :slight_smile:

Couldnt you change, the batteries???

Isn’t there a topic about that somewhere around here?

I belive that it’s very dangerous to open up the cartridge, something to the effect of it falling apart >_> Ok, I don’t know, but look it up.

want all the metroid games? im only missing super metroid which is appently the best of em all

i bought mine for 10 dollars…

then i sold it for 3. yes, i know… stupid me indeed =(

yeah im only missing M2 and Super metroid. although i have played both of them (roms :confused: ) i want super metroid even more badly. to play it right. :] its so hard to find a copy of that though… im on several game local game stores’ waiting lists. i would pay a lot for a copy that works.

…you try ebay?

well im not 18 but i do have an account which i cant use cause i dont want to get into ebay stuff and procedures illegally. i dont like buying stuff online anyways… but i may have to look.

you no that feeling in a you get when playing a game u get when u dunno what to do next 'cause you can’t find anything to advance in the game…ya im feeling that with it right now…ive only killed 5 metroids for far =(

First five eh? Keep looking to the right and kill everything until the screen shakes, lol.

Yeah, all I’m missing (available to me, I don’t own some of them) is SM, though my brother has it as a rom and I’ve been sneaking some game time in it >_>.

Yeah, it’s true. M2 is extremely difficult to complete without a guide. I needed to get one off the internet.

Yes, I beat it without a problem, but I eventually resorted to an online map to find all of the missile and energy tanks.

yeah the fact that it doesnt give you a map made me mad. and after 8 metroids or so i was bored…