Is Metroid too kiddy?

my friend think that Metroid is too kiddy because it is a basic story about a bounty hunter vs Aliens I dont think this is true at all, or even makes any sense at all, he also thinks games like sonic are less kiddy because they have an orriginal story.

I personally think kiddy games are great, thats actually a reason i like Metroid, sure its action but its not Resident Evil action.

so, you go from kiddy to resident evil…
and how does he think Sonic is UNkiddy?
and there are MANY MANY MANY games between ‘kiddy’ and resident evil-like levels. Take soul calibur for instance. It’s right in the middle.

im sorry, how can he call metroid kiddy? i suppose you could call metroid 1 kiddy, but not the primes, 2, super or fusion.

you should give your friend a good kick in the nuts for being blastfamous

:confused: :confused: :confused:

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you meant to type blasphemous.

In any case, your friend is only saying that because his sony and microsoft fan-boy friends tell him that Nintendo is a kiddy system. Heaven forbid that something that doesn’t have excessive quantities of blood, guts, or shotguns still be a good game.

Calling Mario kiddy is understandable. Pokemon or Kirby, sure. Zelda, in some respects. F-Zero or Star Fox I could even go for.

But METROID? Metroid and FE are the most mature series Nintendo has! How the hell… Not to mention the only ones to ever get a T-rating besides SSBM…

That just…

Okay, your friend is a retard.

Lol, calling Metroid “kiddy” is almost like saying Pokemon should be rated Mature…This kid is retarded…

You need to get new friends…NOW!

Lol, you can say that again…

LOL jeez, I suppose he rates Resident Evil EC(Early Childhood). He call sonic unkiddy? Come on.

Sonic unkiddy? sorry, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

EZactly. You can’t call a game with guns (and death, small traces of alien blood at times, creepy goo that can crawl on walls (ing), giant bug creatures of death… you get the picture) kiddy, and go around and call sonic (lalala, let’s go blow up robots since sega didn’t put death in, and when we blow them up, pretty little animals come out of them. And at the end of the level, let’s open up a massive electric cage with thousands of the furry animals in it. And when we lose, let’s go falling off the screen, and when we beat robotnick, let’s lock him up, so he can break out… AGAIN.) un-kiddy.

seriously, how can sonic scare you (ya, metroid scares me at times because it takes me by surprise)? a game that = not scarey, then = kiddy. a game that has guns, killing and crap = UNkiddy, and then metroid = scarey… possibley. your freind is pretty … RETARDED. i mean how can he think … NO, just no. anyway, sonic, even tho i enjoy that game a little, is a h311 of a lot kiddier than metroid (and i will edit that if im not allowed to say h311 like that).

Yeh…saying Metroid is kiddy is like liking care bears…if you like care bears…( a mature stuffed animal of blood, death and rage )…then you might as well drown in a puddle of milk…( That made no sense at all, did it? )…well, anyways…Metroid is kiddy? I can’t get over that! I mean…wtf? WTF? I’m trying to think of a good example of something to say and I can’t think…

Five minutes later:

Alright, my example is watching barney and tellietubbies ( Or however tf you spell it ) and then thinking it’s too gorry…then watching a movie like The Exercist ( Or however tf you spell it ) and saying that it was meant for babies…( I hate those movies [ Only saw one ] ) …

Cloud Varis, thats exactly what Sonic games are like.
You blow up a bad bad robot and cute purple and pink furry
animals come flying out. OMG that is so mature!

Now if you happened to TOUCH the animal, and it goes into a sequence with a grenade launcher, a targeting reticle(yes, there is a small chance I spelled that correctly), and some crappy AI for the animal… you get the picture.
THAT would be a fun game! :smiling_imp:

Yes, good example…ummm…I know how you feel tho…I mean, nvm…I know kids who think the same way…anything on a Nintendo of any kind, whether it’s an NES to a Nintendo DS, has to be made for children mature enough to suck their thumb, right? Well, no…it’s Metroid with lava, magma, blood, creatures that’ll suck the life out of ya, and a girl sometimes partially nude…If you look at games like Sonic, a cute little HEDGEHOG, an animal of “mass destruction” with a cute little friend named Tails, which just so happens to be a cute little animal with two tails…I don’t understand the meaning of such games…I also do not understand the meaning of saying that a game of death is “kiddy” and such games of great opposite, such as Sonic, would be rated “not kiddy” by any person of this world…( Unless of course you just so happen to be a hedghog yourself, then you might as well believe it is a mature game )…

Yes, the people who think that anything made by nintendo is for kids, obviously haven’t played any of the M rated games for the cube. And yes, despite popular belief, they exist. There are at least 6 of them.
Not to mention the fact that I’ve played a number of games on random assorted nintendo systems with swearing, and violence.
Remember me pointing out soul calibur…?
ever had a look at ivy in her main costume?
Yes, I know it’s on the other systems, but it’s on the nintendo, and for gods sake, it is NOT kiddy. again, note Ivy. And assorted other points in the game that I will not venture to point out to those who haven’t already spotted them…

Guys, I think I found the answer on why Sonic and Friends are “mature”.
Take a look at any fanbase (like the one on IGN). The people there are PERVES!
There is a topic talking about the rabit girl having a sexy voice and another
topic labeled “Best Sonic Hentia”. That really freaked me out, those are
probably grown people that get turned on my animals. you should see them
obsessing over the pink girl, its discusting.

If Metroid is kiddy then Resident evil is much more kiddy !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Lol, yes…and soul calibur is a perfect example…A few of the girls are half-naked and they use Link ( A nintendo character ) as a violent swordsman…if Nintendo alowed that game into the system, then imagine what else they would do!