is metroid prime going downhill?

every metroid prime game thats come out since the first one has been worse than the last… i mean i now it’s hard to beat metroid prime…im not saying mp2e or mph aren’t fun just does this mean that mp3c wont be too great either?

Funny, there have only been 3 games.

Metroid prime Awsome

Metroid prime 2 was rushed, andhad multiplayer

Metroid prime hunters-an attempt at making a new style of game. There are varied opinions on it.

Metroid prime 3 corruption-Will definetly be the best prime game ever. They’re cutting multiplayer to make sure that the single player experience is refined, and perfected.

So no, not downhill, it just hit a low point.

Hopefully. Honestly I’d like to see another good platformer instead of another Prime, but since this is the last one I have no qualms with it.

ya…i just thought they wer gonna start making platformers with 3d graphics on the ds for metroid games that aren’t prime…

I hope Dread is released, but it will probably not.

yeah but dread wont be a prime >.>

anyway, i agree with the whole thing about them going downhill, atleast about mp2:E

echoes was the worst prime, IMO

Eh, I thought MP2E was pretty good, aside from the whole ‘Sky temple keys’ thing.
And if you ask me, Hunters shouldn’t really count. It was going for multiplayer experience, where the other Primes were aimed at the single player.

Yep. Why did I buy MP2?

Hey. I though it looked really badass at E3. The game didnt SUCk, it just didnt have enough relavence in the MP storyline.

Yeah. And when you are a child when it is released and a year later your fully grown and a dad who’s hands are to big, why did I buy it. Infact, If I traded it in at Eb Games last year, fifty dollars!

To me it also lacked storyline (what it had was really pointless. Really, light world dark world? It’s been done plenty of times before. And the whole “Dark Samus has no real meaning” is complete bull) but besides that the gameplay was improved but at the expense of graphics. It was definately not as polished as Prime…

There are ONLY THREE PRIMES!!! You cannot predict how will it is gonna do WITH JUST THREE! I’d say Devil May Cry 2 wasn’t as good as 1 but how did 3 do? Phenomenal (spelled wrong?). Don’t get yoruself overworked by two/three games.

Actually people have been discussing the current games, and of course you can predict! I predict that cows will fly. Improbable? Yes. Impossible? No.


That was basically spam… Not to mention the fact that you are wrong. If I wanted to, I could sit a cow on its butt and strap a rocket to its back. BLAM Instant flying cow. Nothing is impossible because everything exists somewhere at some time.

i say flying pigs,

and, anyway, i still hope corruption will be better then mp2E!

I love MP2. It’s great. No they are not going downhill. Plus, Hunters wasn’t made by Retro Studios.

prime 2 was like 3 percent worse than prime, coz it is kinda simmilar, and there was no ridley, and they forgot kraid AGAIN!

pfft, i think kraid is an annoying boss to fight.

and hunter’s wasn’t made by retro? it all makes sense…

also, i think mp2 is 15% worse, for obvious reasons.

Metroid Prime 2 was a very challenging game and it did isolate some newbie metroid fans and some hardcore metroid fans. I disliked the game, the dark and light world was too confusing. I managed to defeat it.

Pros about Prime 2 was that they had more of a storyline than the previous prime.

But Metroid Prime 1 was amazing. The areas were all so different. Made it easy to remember where you were at. I did not find the game hard at all. It was rather easy for me anyways. But not too easy.