is jesus real?

well, is he?

  • yes
  • no
  • how should i know? im not god
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what are your beliefs?

anyway, i made this cus i was so fed up with king metroid and his “bible was written by an old man that writes books” (which is TOTALLY untrue… the bible was written by many a people… whether they claimed to be taught by jesus HIMSELF or others… like moses, who had DIRECT revelation from god).
if u werent so biased… you would actually LISTEN.

Jesus is real.If you don’t belive God or Jesus good luck down in the lake of fire.

That’s funny. Did you know that there was no hell in the christianity until the priests really needed a way to control people?

People belive the stuff that is written in the bible just because it’s old. Where is your proof that there is a god? And his bastard son?

I believe there was a guy named Jesus, the very guy all those people that wrote the Bible talked about. I don’t believe he walked on water and performed tons of miracles.

I don’t believe there is a God, though. Maybe I might if religion in general wasn’t so illogical, frustrating, and cultish, but I’m really against the idea of one right now. No offense to anybody, it’s my own opinion.

What’s also funny about us atheists all teleporting to the core of the planet after death is that the Christian God is apparently merciful. Yeah, so we don’t believe in one particular thing in our tiny little lives on this planet because there isn’t enough evidence to convince us. So now, instead of God putting us right somehow, he just makes us suffer for the rest of eternity. Eternity–Longer time than you can even imagine. I have a hard time believing that.

Now, everybody, I’m going to keep close watch on this topic. If there is ANY flaming going on whatsoever (not just an argument, I mean actual flaming), I will lock it immediately and punish appropriately. From then on I won’t allow another topic dealing with religion as its main purpose for an eternity. <_<;

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yes… as i requested in this topic’s sub-header :stuck_out_tongue:

aww come on… you cant turn your nose up to everything the bible says. alot of it are real life scenarioes to tell you what to do and what not to do. and, you cant believe that its ALL false, can you? i mean sure, you can say that moses didnt talk to the burning bush, but it was an illusion from his dehydration, but you cant say that he didnt lead the isrealites out of ejypt, can you?

I hate topics like this. It always ends up going to hell. But if we don’t talk about it, when will we?

I belive that there is a God. A soveriegn entity which created the universe; one that is so incomprehensible that we have developed cult-like followings to appease it. I’m a Christian, but I’m not a religious fanatic. I’m open to new possibilities and I do not take everything in the Bible literally. As for Jesus? Yes, he had to have existed, the evidence is too overwhelming to deny it. Was he God’s “Son”, or his messenger? I don’t know. It’s a distinct possibility, but there is some doubt due to the time period he was in. Of course, at this point the whole “You must have faith, you don’t need proof” ideal comes in. I’d like to know if that saying was manufactured. If it wasn’t, then it’s all I need to believe.

Jesus was a real person, a prophet, and probably a good man. I however, dont beleive he was the son of god, nor did he rise from the dead, nor did he posses divine powers. I dont intend to offend anyone, but i have experience arguing with extremists (i used to live in texas), and it all comes down to whether you beleive what some goddam old book says. People created religion because they’re afraid, all of them. They’re afraid of life, and afraid of death. Why do you think it’s the one consistant thing in all cultures?? Because everyone fears death, and what happens after that. I used to fear death as well, but now i realize, there could be no greater curse than immortality. It’s never over, it keeps going, but what happens when there is nothing to life for anymore. That’s why people are so sinful. Because if your only gonna live for 90 years, you damn well better enjoy it. If you lived forever, why even do anything?? Hell, you have eternity to enjoy, and then suffer, forever. But i wont mind dying, when it’s my time. And what happens after that?? Do i sleep forever?? Good, im fucking tired. Reincarnation?? Whats the point of coming back if you werent who you were before?? Your not. So it’s not reincarnation. Im sorry to say this, but religion is just a drug, a mask to cover up hte holes. The things we’ll never understand. You cant know about an afterlife because your dead. You cant know about the end of hte universe because it’s the end. Our fate is death, and we live to die, and we arent going to some divine palace in the sky. I say, get over it, and fucking live.

its actually quite interesting to hear everyone’s beliefs… they’re all so different, and i’ve never made a topic like this b4.

absolutely. none of that religious stuff is true.

as for calling jesus a bastard, im with you on that one. i hate all these priests who make up stories.

now… thats quite interesting too… because its not JUST the bible… there are alot more manuscripts (such as the red sea scrolls) which all point to the same thing.

dude, what the fuck are red sea scrolls?
and for the whole hell thing, thats about as realistic as the smurfs.

The biggest reason that I dont believe is the concept of a “soul”, or at least how christian/religious people make out that your soul is the accumulation of your emotions, personality and experience and that a soul is something “not physical” and can exist outside the plain of reality. All of that is incorrect and has been proven incorrect … I’ve seen it first hand.

Every part of your emotions/personality exist physically as a part of your brain, you can surgically remove a part of your brain and surgically remove a part of your personality (aka frontal labotomy). At the same time a part of your brain could be faulty and cause you to go mad (mental illness). Now … if in fact your personality or so called “soul” is actually a tangible piece of biology, then what is there left when you are dead? The entirety of who a person is can be changed through drugs, operation, deformity, accident and more… when the body dies … so does the mind. There is physically nothing left of the person, if anything “exists” after that, then it doesnt reflect the “real you” … and technically isnt.

There is one more thing that turns me away from believing, when you ask yourself “what does it feel like to not exist?” What can you answer it with … can you imagine not existing? How would you feel or think? You couldnt “feel nothing”, as you dont have a brain capable of feeling the lonesome lost boredom of “nothing”. The only answer is that you cant answer, and everyone I’ve asked that question to came to the same conclusion I did when I first asked it … “its scary, freaky”. And no matter how much you think about it you cant come up with an answer that doesnt relate to you somehow living eternally either in pain or pleasure. The very fact that this “unknown” is scary and motivating to believe in a divine religion of some kind is the very reason I dont, dont you think its just a bit coincedental that man “runs from the unknown” by nature and at the same time several differing religions somehow mysteriously appeared in order to patch up this question?

Of course … it proves nothing, but the mere evidence we can observe is pointing in the opposite direction of divinity. Thats why I choose not to believe, if I’m wrong … well sux to be me, I shall burn in hell in all of the torment that god has been training me for all my life.

but what do you believe about jesus?

Who knows … he could have been a mad man with a lot of positive outlook on life, or he could have been a genious or worked for a genious who knew that the world needed to feel bad about doing something wrong. The one thing I gather from the few parts of what I’ve read from the bible is that he likes to repeat the phrase “you wont get into heaven if you dont believe in god” in 1000-2000 different ways. I’m surprised they all didnt just jump up and yell “I heard you the first time!”.

Edit: corrected it, just remembered it was a little different than that.

well, there was probably a man named jesus. but he wasnt what people think. he was a liar, pretending to be the son of somebody who dosent exist, trying to be popular, and look how he ended up- DEAD. nobody can possibly do what he supposedly did, nor can people come back from the dead. the romans did the right thing getting rid of him. they say he was the son of god, but that is impossible, like “vergin mary” she couldnt of been a vergin. see, impossible. and if god is all caring, all knowing and all powerfull, explain THIS.

if god is all caring, why does he let humans feel pain? maybe he dosent know about humans suffering, so he is not all knowing. maybe he cannot stop human suffering, so he is not all powerfull. thats what my family told me, and my family is correct.

take for instance, the tsunami. lots died. some survived. god did nothing to stop the tsunami. god did not help the survivors. he probably caused the tsunami.

and i also say, IMO, jesus is a lie. so is god, hell, heaven and most of christianity. some people have been tainted by those lies, and should ignore the church. btw, i hav never been to church, or chrisened, or have had anything to do with christianity.

even though god is all caring, he lets these things happen because of certain reasons. 1] i believe that god is trying to teach us lessons (just like how when you were little you got spanked), and 2] sometimes ppl just need a little “tough” love… Otherwise, god might have done something for a reason that we cannot comprehend… like, say, maybe if the tsunami hadn’t have stricken, the world would have lost balance and drifted into oblivion (just throwing out ideas of course)

and, yes, im supprised im keeping my cool, despite all of the arogant replys from king >.>

plz… just listen for once… its like talking to a brick wall with you.

I’m a Christian, but I’m not religious. When you are baptised in Sweden, you automatically becomes a Christian. I guess that it’s the same in most Christian countries. I do not belive in ghosts, an afterlife, or any supernatural being that have the power to create life.

If you can’t prove that something really exist, why should you then belive that it does?

Sure, humans inperfect and need something to belive in. Our existence can’t be meaningless. We have a greater purpose, because we are Gods favorites. We are all punished for the crime that took place in the paradise. Knowledge is the devil!

But why should a young religion that started as a little cult of poor and sick people be the true one? There are some really old religions, and why are’nt they the real superduper religion?

I belive in things I can see, touch smell and hear. I have’nt seen any ghost, gods or “signs” from any of them. Some people say “Look at us! What are we? We are the ones created in the image of God!”

Well then, God was a monkey that lived in a tree. He lived a really long life and one day he met “Maria” (Swedish tranlation of her name in the bible) and they had a child. They were not married so Jesus was the bastard son of the monkey called God.

:confused: Does that make any sense, or should I drink some more coffee?

god cannot teach us because he dosent exist. face it. if he does exist, PROVE IT. there is no evidence that he does exist. he cannot exist, the whole concept of god is just make- belive, he cannot exist phisically, and he cannot exist as a soul or gohst. many people have been tricked into beliveing that god and jesus exists. it is just a lie, the biggest lie ever, what with having tricked billions of people. whoever thought of god is a liar. but if god does exist, how did humans find out that he exists. they didnt, they made him up. if you can prove that he exists, go on and prove me wrong. but i am not rong, i am stating a fact, god or jesus does not exist.

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You guys are getting off topic believe it or not.

What do historians argue about? Everything EXCEPT the existance of a man named Jesus Christ the Nazereth. Was he the Son of God? I say yes but others… I’m a Christian who reads the bible periodically and believes. Our church (part of the Living Stream Ministry) believes that you have to believe before you are baptized (which I’m actually going to get baptized today :slight_smile: ) so I don’t know if you guys practice a different way but: THE BIBLE IS NOT A BOOK OF FABLES, THE BIBLE IS 100% REAL. Prove it? How can a book written over a gazillion years by over a gazillion people not contradict each other ONCE? How can some prophecies predicted in the Old Testament be fullfilled in the New? Think about that for a while…

King, you dont have to be so harsh. Yes, jesus was probably crazy, spreading crap about being the sun of god, and they put him out of his misery. But you cant blame people for beleiving such things. We’re afraid, like tenka said. We can’t imagine the concept of not existing, so we create an afterlife. Jesus’s followers were those who are afraid of existance. If you can accept death, then you can accept life. It’s extremely arrogant to go around saying your the son of god, and it was inevitable that he would be killed.

The war in israel. The bible says that Israelies are gods chosen people. I disagree. The only reason that israel isnt a nuclear wasteland is because the US is backing them. But im afraid to say it’s only a matter of time before israel is destroyed…Back to topic.

No, i dont beeive in god, nor do i believe in souls. We are machines. We are no different than machines. We’re simply made of different stuff. What would make our minds any different from theirs if they were sentient. We are sentient, because we think we are sentient. But i still beleive jesus existed, though he probably wasnt what they say he was.

[EDIT] sniper, i cant agree with you there. Nobody knows who the bible came from. Why, because people are imperfect. Stories passed down are imperfect, and people will always try to spice them up. There is no evidence of any time of supernatural being, and there is lots of evidence against it. And no, the bible is a book of fables, a book invented to CONTROL PEOPLE.

Think about it, it’s a simple matter of rewarding people for being good (heaven), and punishing htme for being bad (hell). Whoever wrote the bible wanted control. Mabye others added to it for more, and changed it for less. But thats what the priests wanted. A way to control people. Because without the bible, chaos would reign.

It’s a book, writing morals for people to follow like little drones. You cant rise from the dead, nor can you turn water to wine, nor can you walk on water or split the ocean. Hell, the bible is just like harry potter, or the mummy. Just people beleive it.