Is anyone even here?

See title

Stilhaus Kitchens Reviews is…

Seriously. It’s what prompted me to write this post.

I’ve been here nearly every day, checking up on potential new posts as well as cleaning up all the spam.

Most of us seem to communicate through other means.

I talk to Dazuro, Syntax, and Troid through Steam, and I’ve considered offering my Mumble server as a gathering place for us to talk since it’s more direct.

I’m still here.
Not posting much, but still lurking around at least.

I keep a tab open here most of the time even if I’m not logged in. I use the “Latest Discussions” part of the portal every few days to see if anything’s new. And when I’ve hit a major milestone on my game engine I like to write a post in that topic. (Latest things: engine can now go full screen + better support for reflections and special effects + other misc. improvements. Not enough for a new write-up yet).

I lurk around from time to time.

Wouldn’t mind meeting up with any of y’all that reside in the continental US.

Hi! I’m still here too apparently.

Fuck off, kitchenspam.

God damn kitchen salesmen and their god damn kitchens!

Seriously though, why is it kitchens?

Wish I knew how to stop it here. It’s a dozen new kitchen topics every few days, by new accounts with different emails and randomized IP addresses. We’ve had CAPTCHA and email verification turned on the whole time, too. I did some searching around, and looks like it’s been a problem at many internet boards. There’s an anti-spam plug-in that stops it but I’m not sure if it’s compatible with InvisionFree. For now I’ve added a swear filter in place so that nobody can say “kitchen” anymore.

bcuz metroid is a girl n girls shud stay in teh THIS IS SPAM

Edit: Goddamn spamfilter totally ruined the joke. :frowning:

I disagree. It added another level of humor.

Also, the bots are getting smarter. They’re saying things like K I T C H E N S and K!tchens. Curse you bots and/or Chinese click slaves!

Yeah I’m definitely starting to think it’s not actually bots.

i pop in now and then, sometimes i get distracted or forget to, but i still come back eventually

I will be posting my progress here so I will be checking in more often.

Looks like I’m the only one left here to socialize with the bots. :frowning:

Hi! I just don’t post. :stuck_out_tongue:

I check this place multiple times a day. I’m just too lazy to log in until the weekends. :stuck_out_tongue:
(It’s easier to delete spam in one big sweep, rather than every time another one appears)

In other news I’ve now censored the two variations of the word THIS IS SPAM that we’ve seen so far: SMART SPAM and DELICIOUS SPAM (you know what I mean).


@Troid 92
Ha ha! :stuck_out_tongue: Sweet.
Log in more during the weeks, and post in my thread!

@the rest
That goes for you too.