IRC server?

Hey, mostly was just wondering if we have an IRC server up. And if we do, how would I get to it? (Yes, I’m still a leetle nublet when it comes to mIRC.)

Also, is there any place for a feedback forum - not for the game but for the forum/site? Could help cut down on questions about php tags in the areas devoted to the game. Also, the main page has been glitchy a couple times I’ve tried to load it and I’ve changed nothing in the way of internet settings since it worked the last time.

Yeah, I really just want a proper place to put a re-written how-to topic. :unamused:

I <3 the noobs, I can’t help it. :mrgreen:

Final question, who’s keeping the page online at the moment and how might I send support to help keep it running?

i don’t think we have an irc server, there’s a channel on espernet though.
some of the people here are there.
to get there: connect to espernet, for example, then type /join
shouldn’t be too hard. if mirc is newly installed you might get a connect pop-up when you start, just select espernet in that list.

You rock, thanks so much.

It’s at the bottom of the page, or at least, a link to it is.
Saves faffing.

enjoy your espernet

I’m pretty sure he just meant we don’t have a server of our own, since we use Esper’s.

No, it was a reference to “I don’t think you have a ___, enjoy your ____”
Get it? It’s funny.

No, it isn’t, tim.


There are tons of free IRC hosts. Just find one.

What, like espernet, the one we’re currently on and have been for quite some time?
Yeah, there are.