Hi, I have created a board on and I am wondering how you make a forum. Much appreciated!

EDIT: I am also opening spaces for six moderators. I have submitted three forums, but they’re not appearing, and two moderators can moderate a forum at a time. PM me if you want to moderate!

Oh, that’s what you needed? I can help with that. Hit Admin CP, scroll down to Forum Control and click New Forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I thought you meant you needed help with making the account. <_<;

Also, I need help with making the forum appear on the board. I need help finding the board period.

That’s odd… link it, huh? I’ll let you get away with forum linking because it’s a special case. XD

Okay, now… Forum appearing on board, please?

Link: SSBM Discussion

… You didn’t link it yet…

Sure I did!

… Cheater. >_> It wasn’t there when I posted…


Let’s see… did you check the permissions masks? Maybe you have the forums set to non-visible?

That’s a thought… I never really knew what the Permission Masks were for.

W|o|W… you did join. Cool! adds to admin list

Dances Figured out! Now people get to post there!