Invent a new metroid enemy

How about a metroid the size of a house
or a space pirate outfited with the anialator beam
or a new type of bomu that exploded when you got within a ten ft radius of it and it was invisable except to the x-ray visor

what about a Metroid infused with phazon, infected by the X, exposed to beta rays, and possesed by the Ing.

ur crazy CM.

wat about a… let me c…

Dark Grenchler+Dark Splinter+Dark Blogg. well its a Grenchsplintogg.

thats wat i call a strange looking merge.

A furry white creature called: Havesmilesandfuntimes. Ain’t that a great name?

ok… not really. but wat about a dark alpha blogg. that wasnt in the game.

Not possible. X can’t infect metroids.

Yup. A parasite can’t infect an energy-based organism, not to mention that the metroid would devour it if it came within ten meters.

wat about Emperor Ing Crossed with Metroid Prime Exo-Skeleton

But wut if all the other stuff happened first? That might make it possible.

I wonder if an X would infect an Ing or if an Ing would posess an X… Hmm…

Metroid Prime 4:

Samus Kage… Dark Samus reborn:

Dark Samus has managed to survive Samus Aran 3 times. A fourth encounter results in the Phazon based, Ing infused (Who knew there was a Darkling crawling around in her before she got her butt handed to her on a silver platter back on Dark Aether?) creature attempting posession of the Metroid (Samus) and gaining her full DNA. Now, she has the ability to interface with Chojinzoku (Chozo) and Luminoth technology as well as comunicate through verbal output. These two attributes are not the only things she has gained, however. X-parasite and Metroid DNA infusion from the X-Fusion Suit (Golden form at the end of Metroid IV) have resulted in her new ability to change into a humanoid form. However, a problem occured during the posession resulting in her being disabled, trapped in the form of a somewhat different (Different color skin, hair, and eyes) version of Samus Aran, now known as “Samus Kage” (Sah-moos Kah-geh; Samantha Shadow).

… SHOULD I be posting top-secret information? Oh well… It’s my fangame…

Ing posseses X, X infects Gamma Metroid, then exposed to Phazon radiation!

How about dark metroid prime that would be sick!!!

A dark metroid with zoomer spikes and retractable legs would be kinda cool.

how about a dark omega pirate

That would rock!
Or… Dark Dark Samus!

How about Metroid Prime(Final form) and Empeor Ing (final form)!!!

They already look like the same thing… But ya, that would be cool.

ok w/e that is…did i already say Phazon Quadraxis. i dont know but how bout all 4 beam troopers for MP(Power,wave,ice, and plasma troopers) into 1 making it a phazon trooper or something, i dunno.

Now I got a better one how about A beam Pirate with all beam weapons (Dark,Light,Annahilator,Plasma,Ice,Power,Wave)

hmmm sounds interesting