Introducing.. THE WORKPLACE

This place has always been purely a fan forum, while SCU housed the hub of construction.

However, SCU is now going offline, and we’re transferring P2D in its entirety to here at last, ahead of schedule in case we need reference from the old forum.

The section is members-only–PM an admin (maybe mod–dunno if they can do it) if you want access, providing either work you’re created for the project or at least work-in-progress and such, so that not just any random newb can come in, steal our work, or spam the place up.

wait… so is this the thread or are you creating a new section to the forums?

It’s already there.

You just can’t view it unless you’re a member.

clever. so, now that work is moving here, i assume the forum would be more active than recently.

I’d consider becoming a part of the team, but I really don’t have the time, and I don’t see how I would be able to contribute.


That hurts. Not being able to see what’s going on in this project. Not much I can do at this point anyhow, since most of what’s left is just programming. If the final game does become a reality, the summer might provide an excuse.

Anyway, I was wondering about the team members lounge. Is it similar to that? I always assumed that, that forum was unused. Or was I just not able to enter, because I wasnt a team member?

i’d rather wait for the demo/full game to come out, if you see some of the graphics, you would get used to them, rather than seeing them in the game and going “omg dat spritezor is teh amazing xox”.

i can wait, i have alot of patience with games.

…Most of what’s left is the resources, specifically sprites and backgrounds. There’s still a ton of stuff to do.

It’s “visible” to anybody, but that’s only because there’s a public board redirect inside. In fact, there are several topics inside by team members only available to other team members. But… I’d still call it “dead”, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, we’re not stopping anybody from working on the project, we’re just closing it to the public so random nubs don’t come in and start stealing things. There are, as I said, many things left to do, so if you can, help out and come in. In that order. <_< (see first post) Then continue helping out.

Hmmm. I would love to do some programming for p2d, but CFX has a feud against me, and he doesn’t let anybody join in the programming. <___>

CFX isn’t even part of the team.

Wasn’t he doing the Core Engine for P2D?

Yes, but he’s not officially part of the team.

So, all he is going to do is code the engine, and then he is pretty much done with his duties right? I see…

Extremely confusing right Rewrite? I thought P2D was going down after DF was done with the demo but… they said CFX is still doing his engine, but I’m lik wtf? CFX isn’t on the team but they lik blah blah blah.
So anyways, I still have 1001 questions (like are you supplying CFX with resources? And, what language is he doing this in? And, what is the difference from doing an engine on the team and doing an engine off the team?) but if you want to contribute some codez, no one really is stopping you.

No one is. And CFX is coding it in C++

Say if someone is good on giving advice about the sprite to make it look better, would they be allowed to enter?

That’s basically Constructive Criticism.

kay im back after god knows how long
i tired getting on and it doesn’t excist?