Introducing.. the locked topic wasteland

Taking a page from SCU, we made a new forum section to house our locked topics to clear the clutter from the main boards. I was skeptical at first, but Tim made it anyway. We aren’t even halfway through moving them yet, and the LTW already has more topics than every other section…

That’s really not a good sign, is it? >_>

In any case, um, yeah. So it’s obviously a good idea after all, so if you’re trying to find an old locked topic for reference or something, they’re all there.

EvilTimaster (1:29:12 AM): Y’know, I kinda like the locked topic wasteland idea on SCU
HayIsForMooses (1:29:27 AM): hmm
HayIsForMooses (1:29:30 AM): YES.

How very skeptical you were…

Yeah, at first I loved it. But while I was moving them I began to doubt if it was really a good idea.

Then I saw just how fucking many there were.

My only problem with it is that it’s in the “General” forum instead of “Important”, where it’s located on SCU. It just looks a little out of place sitting on the bottom there.

Edit: Scrolling through some of the pages, this place looks a whole lot cleaner now. Yay.
Edit2: Does The Team List have to remain pinned there? :stuck_out_tongue:

That helps out a lot, very resource full I got tired tring to find my main sprites topic with all that junk.

Lawl, oopsies.

As for the location… it’s only out of place to SCU goers. It’s the least important forum ever, hence the location. I don’t think many people will find it out of place, and I don’t think you’ll find it out of place in a week or so.