You can see the progress here.

Useless, but it took my time, and it’ll save yours. Give credit if you use it.

They’re not for a Metroid related thing, though. It’s more “Metroid-inspired”.

So yeah, use them how you like, but I made the dark grey shade so that it’s what’s used to represent unexplored areas.

Like that.

Also assuming that was one area, the beggining area of a game, do you think it’d be big enough, or anything.


I’ve got some sketches like this (most of them are a bit messier) for alot of the rooms in this area.

This one here is supposed to be the first large room from the left, just after the long horizontal part.

Metroid fangame project, or just for others?

Nope. People can use them for Metroid related stuff, but I’m using them for something completely un-Metroid.

The closest tie with Metroid’d probably be a Power Beam Weapon that doesn’t look too much like Samus’s so I don’t get sued when I try selling it when I’m done.
(Because I want the player to be able to switch weapons)

Also your ship crash landing in the begining.

I’m still at zero with story, I’m thinking your ship crashlands, and you’ve got to get through a mountain, on foot, to a downed frigate on the other side that was either already there, or had crashed with you.

There are survivors, either way (I think, so far)

I have this itching to make the bad guys demonic, but I don’t know where I’m going yet. Probably just alien wild life, but I don’t know. I want something fairly epic.

Also, I had a debate with myself about whether or not the main character wears a powersuit sort of thing. I mean, a human cannot go unsheilded, but I don’t want to look ripoff-y, so I don’t know what to do there, either. I was thinking he could wear a sort of modular suit where you can un-equip parts of it, and so forth at your ship. I don’t like that idea, though. :confused:

Crit anything, give story sugestions, I don’t care.

But now’s the best time to give input since I’m still undecided about everything.

Edit: Expect a demo sometime in 2010, because I’m only just starting to learn C++. x_x
The good news is I’ll have a ton of graphics done by then.

Bumping because I need some feed back.