Intraspace (A sprite comic) six-eight

Alright, new layout for this little thread. This post is going to be for all the extra strips, and the post on page 2 for prologue through strip 10. When it gets to the next page, I’m going to put strips 11-20 there, etc, etc, etc.

Sprites aren’t my own work, blah blah blah…
here it is.
Christmas/new years break… special?

oi… too lazy to comment. I already left a huge comment at the bottom when I MADE the thing, so… shrug meh.

haha. i like it. :smiley:>

Really? Hm, that’s a first. :wink:

just kidding, of course.

If you like it, lemme know. 'Cuz I like that kind of crap. It also gives me more incentive to do more. Or insentive. Not sure.
Edit: I’d also like to inform any… um… double postgage hawks that this isn’t a double post, because it’s like… 11-12 days after my last one. sos THERE.

Erm, ya.

it was pretty good. i think i might acually start making some sprite comics.

Yes… a prologue. Will someone please tell me how to actually spell that?!

Have fun, it might take a bit to think of something clever for strip 6. The one I just made is crap… mostly because I tried to end on a Red v Blue quote. It… didn’t work.

That’s how you spell it. XD

Woot! That proves it, I’m NOT dumb! Just stupid!
…Well, I screwed up. I can’t make another strip until monday. Why, you may ask? (and regret asking)
Because every single sprite I use is on my school computer. And I didn’t want to take it home this weekend. But in the summer I’ll probably end up throwing strips out faster then you can read them.
Wheather they pertane to the story, or if they’ll just be comics based on events that happened to me over the summer, we’ll just have to find out.

i like them

It’s a blatant Planet Zebeth ripoff with a but-fugly pirate and other jokes stolen from Bob and George. Not impressive in the least. Get some original material, learn to sprite, and stop making excuses like “I’ll fix it as part of the story” and just fix it already. Also, for God’s sake, do NOT use a godmode author. Kabs and Dave are the only ones I’ve ever seen that can pull that off… all the n00bs completely butcher it and make EXTREMELY annoying characters. Such as yours. Stick within the fourth wall, also.

Were you tired when you posted that? Or… hungover?

Well, that’s… blunt. I’ve just got one question… who the hell is Bob and George?

As long as there are SOME people who like the comic, I’ll keep making it. And I WAS a little addicted to Zebeth at the time I started this… Just a bit <_<V;;
Which is why I went to the bonus stuff area and grabbed his strip layout… Works better then the layout I made, anyway. That thing was just scary… and a pain in the arse to deal with.
I simply can NOT sprite. I can pretty much sprite inatimate objects. And even THAT gets iffy. Seriously. Daz, if you remember my swords…
I will not change my mind that I’ll be adding text boxes and changing the pirate sprite later. It’s not a thing of me being too lazy to do it. I already have all the resources I need, and it’s not like it would be that hard to stick a new sprite in instead of the old one. I have my reasons, damnit!!

And… this is the part where I feel relatively stupid. Mind explaining a bit what you mean about the fourth wall? If you mean the part where Samus talks directly to the reader while in morph ball… it’s a freakin’ prologue. Give me a break. It allows me to stick some more humor in later, which, if you haven’t noticed, the comic kinda needs.

But really, who’s Bob and George?

The father of sprite comics, the origin of author jokes, etc.

Fourth wall breaking is when they do things like comment on the fact that they’re in a comic or game, such as having an author character or knowing that files need to be uploaded. Comics work best whenn they’re done as a world to themselves, with perhaps the occasional reference to the outside world.

Hm, that should keep me entertained a while…
By the way, you won’t have to worry about the god thing much longer. Again, story-related…

edit: …hold on. Daz, did you think that I was the one that sprited that pirate?
…ah, no. Not a single sprite in that comic is mine.

Dumbasses -or- how to be totally oblivious and look like a moron doing it. You don’t have to try too hard, believe me…

Just because I can, and it allows me to have fun later.
Really, read the comic before you read the next part.
Read it yet?
Good. Now, did you notice before or AFTER you read what Samus was saying that the morph ball is in place of the item orbythingy?
Aaaand crap, I just realized that I forgot the ‘look over there!’ part that lets you know that they’re chasing Samus and ‘Riu. Which is short for his full name, Denriu, which is just a frickin’ rediculous name.

Flashy Entrances

This comic takes place (for the most part) in an MMORPG called World of Wierdscapecraft Story Online. The title comes from three of the more awesome MMORPG’s out there, while the other one comes from one of the worts. It’s WoW, ROSE online, Maple Story, and, the one I don’t like, Runescape.
Yes, the display that tells the player they leveled up is supposed to be… imperfect.
Can anyone tell me what the funny transport beams actually are…?
…I have to admit, I stole the phrase .GOD from Kabutroid.
I’m not sure how they did it, but someone got confused by the re-color of the no-suit samus. It’s a player in the game.
Addressing the speach bubble issue: They’re coming. And it actually ties in with the story of the… thing.
…backgrounds are probably going to be mostly black, unless I for some reason descide otherwise.


Alright, so this one isn’t that funny… and neither is #1. But they get better! …In my opinion.
…the idea for the muttering came from me getting pissed off about work. Which, yes, includes a splitting maul, snow, ice, a truck, a shovel, and some wood. What do you get when you live in Minnesota?A hellofalotta snow and ice, blocking the door to the wood shop, so you can’t get the wood in, so you gotta use a splitting maul and shovel to get the snow and ice moved.
Make sense? 'Course not.
Anyone know what the transporty beams are yet?

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I mean, how would YOU feel if you found out that 14 missiles didn’t kill a space-pirate look-alike? Yeah, I’d be pissed too.
Oh, by the way, I’m getting a new space pirate sprite too, since this one’s… awkward. Also kinda ties in with the story.

Now, probably the first one that I actually found truely funny…
The Plot Thickens…

plot, what plot?


Alright, so THIS one’s not that funny either. But they’re coming.

My Mistake

So apparently Samus doesn’t actually LIKE getting sliced up…
See that? See how I ‘discreetly’ come up with an excuse not to come up with a differant flooring for his house… thing?


I decided it’s time Samus’s vocabulary was broadened…

with stupid phrases and words that no one besides our ugly blue friend here uses.

Feck Again

Yeah, GMs all have something red on their armor/character, just so you know. Apparently, they are all easily distracted.

How NOT To Be A GM

First off, don’t start arguing in front of the people you’re banning. Second, don’t type with a southern accent. You look like a jackass.

Alright, now that I’m out of school, I’ll be able to make a ton more strips. And correct stupid mistakes. Like not looking at the enemies I was using to make the prologue, which is why they are turned around.

what, if you don’t look closely, the wings look like visors! And the eyes are hardly visible…
Anyway… hopefully these are a bit better then the first ones. Strip six is a LOT better then the other one I was going to use.

dude are you working on these still? They are really good you know.

Really Good is an overstatement… they could be better. But I’m glad you like it. And yes, I’m still working on it, I just don’t have access to the computer I create them on right now. The reason for that is a long story including Drivers Ed, an insane thunderstorm, and a power outage.

DAMN, that was funny as hell…but for the wrong reason. Its funny because it looks weird and makes no sense…GOOD JOB!!

Yeah… well, how much sense could an MMO called World of Wierdscapecraft Story Online make?
Alright, I’ll try to make the humor more… yeah. Sensable, I guess…

I may or may not have already mentioned, but in the prologue strip, those enemies are going backwards. My excuse until I go back and fix it is that they are either drunk, or a special ops group that is trained to go in reverse.

Which leads me to my next order of business. I am thinking about going back and re-doing all the strips that aren’t that funny, or I think are a complete failure, or need some kind of repair. So, in other words, I’d be remaking the whole comic.