Inspector88's Sprite Thread

Well I finally decided to sit down and make a Samus sprite. Please give feedback; I want to get better.

Well, for a start, you could try shading…

Also, Samus’ legs are much longer, but that might be because you made the torso stretch down her legs… Her arm cannon is also a lot bigger. And… I don’t recall her being that orange… >_>

i agree, try adding some shading, bigger arm cannon and her left arm looks like a pencil, try to work on that, but otherwise good job.


I was actually going to say that… <_<; but I gave up courage… v_v

I don’t even want to start.

Okay, I tweaked the color a bit added some shading, and detailed the shoulders, I tried to fix the other arm, but I can’t figure out what I need to do. I also modified the arm cannon a little. Oh, and I changed the legs.


I don’t see any shading whatsoever in the new sprite… >_>

That’s because it needs more contrast.

Okay, I added some more contrast (still not sure if it’s enough) , and I also just made some other changes.

She has one-piece legs, two-piece arms, and that’s my main complaint.

im glad u gave it an outline =p. i would have died if u left it unoutlined

Erm, a lot of sprites don’t have outlines and they still rock. Ever visited Dazzy’s Sprite Thread???

oh… um err… ill shut up now LOL


err… not to be rude or anything, but i checked out dazzy’s thread and most of his have outlines >_>