Initial Recon

Far into the future, the Earth has been over-populated. Overcrowding is the government’s main concern, and food and resources are dangerously low. Since the project on Mars was mysteriously halted, they needed an idea, and fast. Top officials decided to look for a new planet, one with abundant resources and a suitable atmosphere for human life. Not long after, they found planet Daron in a nearby solar system. It had a very similar enviroment and lots of useful resources; however, the local wildlife is very hostile, and would attack, and likely kill, any foreign life form within minutes. To combat these creatures, a strike team consisting of the best of the best soldiers from Earth, who are currently on their way this second…

Initial Recon is an FPS game that me and my friend are making. It has the action of Halo 2 and the scares of Doom 3. It revolves around a character on a faraway planet, where the character will fight for his life against violent creatures that live on the planet.

Sounds interesting? Well, you can help work on it here:

Ha! You used the name I gave you. Told you Initial Recon was awesome. I’ll see what I can do to help, I have some programming skills, but don’t have a lot of experience in FPS. Oh well. Good luck!

(P.S. Download my game!)

Wait out of Scratch or GML?

from scratch.

Er … from scratch? Like C++ programing? Do you even have any experience with programing? Because I can tell you right now, I have been a programmer for the last six years, and creating an FPS from scratch with a two person team is not a task that you want to get yourself into. Its takes long enough to create a simple side scrolling platform game from scratch, and thats why, even though I have the experience to work in C++, I choose to use Game Maker.

So basically, you and your friend, are going to program an engine, with (at least) several hundred lines of code, then you have to create textures, and lots of em, then you have to create models for enemies and various objects, then you have to construct (in code, unless you first program a builder) the levels in the engine … I mean, are you sure you really want to do it from scratch? Unless you spend around … um … ten hours a day on this project for the next year, I highly doubt you are going to finish any time soon.

Now, I will check out your forums, because however much I think this project is gonna die, I like the story. You need to elaborate a bit on the ideas. It really sounds like it would be good as a side scroller though …

Oh. And Doom 3 was not scary. That game was a playground compared to Half Life 2. And Halo 2 was not nearly as action packed as HL2. Just a personal opinion.

first off, we will likely be using blender, unless we find some other thing thats better. second, we can’t program. thats why we are advertising it so we can get help. im good with modeling. at least levels and stuff. its not that hard. soPLEASE HELP!!! all we have right now is a concept dude, who is doing it in sprites and i haven’t even seen what he can do, and another guy who can spawn monsters and put triggers and stuff on em(at east in doom3) and i can make mdels, except for charater models.

Blender huh? As far as I know, unless they released a new version, you can not compile Blender applications into an executable file (.exe), and if another person wants to play the game they have to have Blender installed. I may be wrong though …

Depending on how simplistic you want the game to be, like old school looking FPS, you could use Game Maker. Otherwise I suggest the Source Engine. Its free, its open source, its the greatest thing ever created … you just have to have someone who knows how to program.

I don’t wanna be an ass but do you know what Blender is?
Note that everything in parentheses can be skipped. It is a (Get this!) FREE (!!!PRAISE ZE LORD!!!) 3D modeler (!!!).
And the Source Engine is not free. Modding HL2 is free, but you have to get a liscense to use the Source Engine. The Quake 1-3 Engine is free however.

it can be used to make games. and thats what matters.

For the record Axion, the only part scary in HL2 was Ravenholm (and guess where I’m stuck at?).
But Axion does have a point, it would be wiser to get a premade engine than make one from scratch.

Why don’t you just click here, and check out the Torque Game Engine?

blender has an engine built in.

If programming something is either done from scratch or from a programming language, that means that making it from scratch… is opening up a new Notepad file and using alt commands to program the machine code for the executable. O_o

Also, yes, this does sound like it will be a HUGE project and needs a HUGE, active, skilled team.

yeah, so join. :unamused:

of course, i can do a lot of 3d models, like levels, guns and stuff. i just need prgrammers and effects people. so if you can do this stuff or know someone who can, get them to join.