ingsmasher and the eliet pirate look alike?!

I think the eliet pirate and the ingsmashers look alot alike+ they have the same sort of attacks! Are they basicaly have the same A.I. or am I just a retard?

Yes they do. It doesn’t take a retard to figure out that they copied almost every single enemy and redid the graphics alone.

Quite a few enemies are just MP enemies with new skins and more health and attacks, or in the case of the harmony drone and pirate trooper, a massive downgrade.

Diligence–Scatter Bombu.
Harmony–Pulse Bombu.
Ingsmasher–Elite Pirate.
Grenchler–Baby Sheegoth.
Pirate Trooper–Space Pirate.
Dark Pirate Commando–Chozo Ghost.
Green Kralee–Zoomer.
War Wasp–Barbed War Wasp.
Darkling Tentacle–Reaper Vine.
Aerotrooper–Flying Pirate.
Tallon Metroid–Metroid.
Dark Preed–Plated Puffer.

But Gold Leader, that’s hardly ‘almost every enemy’. :unamused:

Sorry, to me it just seemed as if I played Prime all over again, just with more gameplay :slight_smile:

You realize some of those are INTENDED to be the same thing?

I obviously recognized the diligence and harmony class, the dark pirate trooper took me a while to realize on my own, the grenchlers were also dead giveaways, and the tentacles were obvious. then there were things like the pirate trooper and aerotrooper and tallon metroid which weren’t really intended to be all that different.

You forgot the Mechlops. :stuck_out_tongue:

They replaced loads of enemies while keeping base AI the same like chaning the SP’s appearance for no real reason.
Although, I kind of like the familiar enemies. Most enemies in most metroid games are the same anyway :smiley:

Before I got to torian, I didn’t even know why the game was called metroid!

Your forgetting about the Puffers that in 2 were turned to the preeds. :smiley:

Don’t forget that the beams were remakes too, except for the Annihilator.

The light beam had a slight new aspect.

Um, DUH they were intended to be the same. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re reused enemies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant the pirates and metroids. of course they’d be reused.

Why didn’t Retro make new Beam pirates… Why?

'Cause they ran outta room for the beam to expand (watch the most powerful beam shrinks :stuck_out_tongue:)

Huh? Me no understands…

Because it wouldn’t fit the story at all. Samus had been using the classic beams on them since the first game, and spent a large majority of Prime using those same beams on them again. In Echoes they didn’t even SEE the beams until they were down to exactly 21 pirates left on the whole goddamned planet–ten commandos fought later on, two grenadiers that respawn, two grenadiers that don’t, and seven aerotroopers that respawn. I highly doubt OMG LETS COPY HER EQUIPMENT was at teh top of their to-do list when two Samuses, any surviving Feds they might encounter (hey, they don’t know they’re dead), the Ing, the wildlife, the lack of equipment, the lack of energy sources, and the lack of any hope for survival whatsoever loomed over their heads…

nicley said.

Good point. I guess I should really think of what I’m saying… It’s kind of funny that you, Daz, of all people are insulting pirates. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see there IS a DIFFERERENCE between long stupid posts and long really good posts!

But really though, that is right to the point! And i think there are Commandos that respawn

No, none of them respawn. Those are Dark Commandos, and those don`t count. ( I think)