infinite jump

you guys are going to take the possibility of an infinite bom jump (misspelled 2nd word on purpose… my stupid computer rejects that word. grr…) out, right?
makes it really easy to SB…

I expect you guys have already thought of that, I’m just checking because all the demos that have weapons in them let you do an IBJ…

so…is jumping going to be like in MP, or no?

The team comes from SCU. SCU is a community mostly dedicated towards using SB/SW tricks. WHy would we take out said tricks? >_>

It might be made more difficult, but removal is unlikely.


Dazz is right. SCU is dedicated to showing helpless
children tricks. Then hurting them. Then buring them in their crawlspace… :>_>:
Erm, Sequence breakings cool though. Its about time we get a fangame
that can do that. Good job P2D Team, your doing the impossible.
Greatest luck toward your game. >_>


Please dont hurt me…

Intentionally added SBing destroys the entire purpose. I’m sure everyone felt accomplished after SBing ZeroMission. :unamused: