in the bar

i was in the bar with 2 of my friends, we were having coke, then 4 people in black with balaclavas on, carrying guns ran into the bar and started asking the barman for money. theye were like ''give us the fucking money you fat c***. they got the money, like 900 dollars or something, and ran out trying shoting people. three were shot and killed, and 1 guy was shot in the leg. i had a gun held to me at one point, they told me not to fucking move, or they would kill everyone in the place. the police arrived later, and were asking questions. i was in there for 10 minutes before i left, im NEVER fucking going there again.

i couldent sleep that night, havent slept since, i keep getting flashbacks of when they threatned to shoot me.

im still scared as hell now.

Some people pulled that at a 7-11 about an hour after I left a few weeks ago. Three guys died. I haven’t returned since either. >_>

That’s not a very good place for sarcasm, so I’ll assume you’re serious as well. Anyhow.

That’s scary as shit. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. At halloween once (when I live in the ghetto in texas), there was a congregation of (black) people at the park. There were some shots fired, one that was probably a shotgun due to how insanely loud it was. But no one was hurt, and I didnt even see who fired the bullet. I’m sorry you had to experience something like that. I’ve never seen anyone die before, spare once or twice on TV, and definetly not in real life.

Why would that be sarcasm?

i was thinking the same thing when i read that. lol

at any rate, if it was really scary, you might even want to see a psycologist or something like that. hope all is well in the future. sorry it happened.

avoids traditional Halberd style minimodding

I’m not feeling this post

Lol. It sounded almost like Mocking irony at first glance, though I couldnt find A reason for it. But anyway, a phycologist could be useful here. Take HPs advice.

Hey man that really sucks… I don’t know what to say… =/

(if this message looks funny it’s because Im posting with my Wii!)

lol, practically all of my nonsprite posts are from my wii (including this one).
typing is a pain in the ass and i hate the way it as dot us to

I dont’ even visit on my Wii, because I don’t want to go all the way down to my basement (where it is located… i’m not telling you where I live) and because typing on a computer upstairs is easier. But wait king aren’t you too young to go to a bar… ?

Yeah, forget the robbery, we all own Wiis!

I don’t think it should be a surprise that Dragon started that trend, but RH? SNIPER?

Do you honestly think anyone really cares if you all own one? “wel, herz how i yooz da wii that i totly hav n u dont LOL HAH HAH I R KOOLR DAN U!!!”
This isn’t a fucking “brag about your wii” topic.
Yes, I realize you dislike kingmetroid enough to not really care that much, yes, I realize that the Wii is pretty cool, yes, I realize that, as hormonally-charged adolescents you’re just itching to show off about something, but cant you fucking control yourself? If you have nothing to say, don’t post, and if you don’t care, DON’T POST.
I imagine kingmetroid is reasonably (understatement) shocked due to what happened, and hijacking a topic about a fucking shooting, with people killed, that one of our members experienced to show off a gaming console is a very good example that this community isn’t what it once was. We’ve degenerated from a respected and, well, prestigious (to a point) community, to a spam-crazed swarm of teens who haven’t got the brains to stay on topic, much less prompt new users to actually be interested in this project.
I can’t be the only person to notice that posts regarding the project have all but died. P2D used to be about newbies goggling at the work people have done to further a project that they really believed could work out, that they had put their hearts into. I don’t think it was ever intended to be about insulting the intelligence of people, or insulting any other aspect of them.

For pete’s sake, if you refuse to think about what you’re posting, then you should consider not posting for a while before this forum disappears completely. Alternatively, try and make interesting posts, and maybe we can resurrect this project.

And before you say “omg ur talkin abot somtin thatz not kingmetroid!”: I haven’t got anything to say to him. It’s why I took my own advice and didn’t post earlier. I merely didn’t think that “I don’t know what to say… but at least I don’t know that while I’m on my Wii!” was a proper response. All I can say is that I hope he’ll be able to forget it all, and be a normal person (able to sleep, cheerful, not traumatized) eventually, but he doesn’t need me to say that.
Well, if you do, km, then I just did, but I didn’t think you would. Best of wishes for the future. Don’t get shot.

Hence ordering coke?

I find it incredible that you turned a blind eye to timmehs post. If I had said that, you would have banned me.

Hey, I started posting from my Wii first, so dont give those other dudes credit. Im the original P2D Wii poster, and I do it more frequently than they do, so get it right. Hate me, not them, they dont deserve it.

Still, I didnt know you could just walk into bars without ID. Great way to meet hot 21 year olds…or not.

Whats your problem Timaster? You just have to find some reason to
flame me don’t you? Why don’t you quit using obsene language in your
posts, and calm the heck down. Just ebcause your on the team doesn’t
mean you can get away with flaming members. All I said was “If this message
looks funny it’s because I am posting on my Wii”, and the next second
you start being an ass.

I don’t know whether your parents are abusing you or something, but
quit taking it out of me. Why don’t you go write a rant about Metroid
Master saying “yummy”? I get flamed for saying my message was posted on my Wii, yet he gets away with saying “Yummy?”

What kind of crap is that?

Alright, sorry about my “obsene” languge.
However, not sorry about me flaming you.
You appear to have two arguments, “pick on someone else” and “stooop!”
Well, I didn’t see the “yummy” post. It’s been deleted, I believe… either that or I suck at looking for posts <_<
And I don’t intend to stop. You’re a dick. There’s not really much I can to you except yell at you, in the hopes that you improve. Worse men (and women, probably) have improved on forums because people told them “well, you’re being a douche…”

As for your “All I said was” statement… that’s a really bad argument. “All I said was” doesn’t mean that what you said was acceptable, or appropriate. For instance, I could say “All I said was ‘lol’”, but that wouldn’t mean that my friend didn’t just say “3 of my family members just died in a car crash”.
In other words, I don’t give a crap what “All you said was”, it’s NOT FITTING for this topic. What’s more, there was NO call for putting that in your post. Your post looked fine, and you knew that. You just were looking for a reason to post about your Wii.

You’re thinking “well, you didn’t have to blow your top at me just for that…!”
And I’m thinking "well, I didn’t blow my top at you, I blew it at everyone, primarily RH. It’s just that I dislike you. But I’m entitled to that, aren’t I?

PS I haven’t the foggiest idea why I’m not getting warned for this, but if I do, I don’t care. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve lost my respect for this forum, and the people on it. I’d rather not get banned, but… eh.

Sorry to hear about that. I wish someone at the bar had been armed, so that they could have stopped this, but this DID happen at a bar (as in, the alchohol). I guess that it would be more of the bartender’s choice. Either way, it is in the past, and there is a million better ways that you can think of to do things that are behind you.

Kind of off topic:

Red- All guns- handguns, shotguns, and rifles that more powerful that a .22 WMR (small game/varmint cartridge) are extremely loud. I shoot guns every week (usually every other day), and I am just starting to be able to distinguish the different noises that each firearm makes. The bottom line is that noise level alone cannot tell you what kind of gun was fired.

Edit: Uhh, Tim, you can see that “yummy” line in quoted form in one of Red’s posts.

I’m glad we’re all getting along today =D Such a lovely day it is. It’s just so wonderful that random flame-uments over the silliest things don’t ever appear around here.

Tim, I’ll let you get off with only a 30% flaming warn. >_>

Also, I could smell the irony in your post from down the hall. “I don’t think it was ever intended to be about insulting the intelligence of people, or insulting any other aspect of them.”

If you’ve lost all respect for this forum and the people in it, why hang around?

As for the rest of you, you were getting really off-topic in a serious topic. Don’t do that.

Oops <_<;
Well, THEY started it.

Anyway, I’m sticking around cause there’s still hope.

PS I’ve had a bad day. I might wake up, and say “wow, that was a stupid thing I did yesterday” but I have no regrets as of right now.

Well a bar does sale coke and everthing else, dang I hope that don’t happend to any one again.

well, here i am back from washington. anyway, my cousin says just forget the whole thing…

but i find it hard to forget 3 people dying and a gun being held to my head.

I find it hard to forget the first time I ever climbed atop the counter at my dad’s house (when I was three). You probably can’t forget it, but you should be able to stop it from affecting you anymore.