As you probably know, P2D originated at, not here. This was set up as a fan forum.

We’ve decided that focus needs to be brought over there, where the work is being done–as it was intended to be–instead of dozens of random new people posting that they want to join here, and causing all sorts of confusng by it being worked on at two forums… plus tons of people saying they’ll help but never actually doing anything… et cetera.

So if you want to help, go to the other forum and post your work. There are no team signups. There is no progress being done here. This is simply a forum for fan discussion. I repeat: If you want to join the team, make something we need and show it at the other forum. Do not post it here or ask how to join or anything like that.

Dazzy out.

Hell yes. While no good creatures remain, ill kill myself if i dont get a crate, or a rock in this game. ON WITH P2D!!

… this topic is almost a year old. WHY did you bump it?

This is kind of wierd… Anyway, Daz, why wasn’t this locked anyway?

Who says it isn’t locked?


Uh, locking, sure, but why move it to the LTW? The news it contians is still relevant.