I'm staring to dislike Metroid..

I’m really starting to dislike the Metroid series. The first Metroid
game I played was Super Metroid, but it seems after that, the next
2 GBA games released were not nearly as good. I still liked Fusion
and Zero Mission (although they were way too short…), but now
it seems the only type of Metroid games we will be getting are 3D…

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of the Prime series. I’m
not saying they are bad games, but it’s looking like Nintendo is
moving further and further away from what the 2D series used to be.
I want another 2D game with a 20 hour campain mode! The last 2D
Metroid was made in 2004. It’s 2007 now and every single new Metroid
game announced so far is a Prime. :sweat:

I’m really hoping after Prime 3, they continue with the 2D story line.
Does anyone else feel this way?

But the 2D games have always clocked in at about four hours max unless you really really suck >_>

I doubt they’ll suddenly start making them longer…

Either way, <3 Prime games. But they stated that 3 will be the last.

Ya just so ya know the gap between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion was eight years so don’t worry about Dread.

Dread got unconfirmed again, last I checked.

Oh for F*** sakes

I really doubt Dread is coming out…

That’s probably not a good thing, Dragon, when you’re in the middle of making a Metroid fangame…

But, just play through one of those old Metroid games you haven’t played in over 2 years, without sequence breaking.

i enjoy the 3d games, though the 2d games seem to have more appeal to myself. while 4 hours isn’t really that much, the 4 hours you spend are certainly the most entertaining you can spend lots of the time.

The recent Castlevania games play almost exactly like 2D Metroids, and they usually last for 10-20 hours average for me, not counting the constant replaying and messing around. Even THEY feel a bit short at times, but at least they’re fairly fullfilling.

Metroid has no excuse to be so short any more. :\

Meh, i havent been showing my DS much love lately. Guess VC castlvania is worth a shot.

What does the VC have to do with the DS? >_>

True. Since Nintendo hasn’t been releasing any Metroid games,
I have been buying Castlevania games to hold me back for a little longer.
Portrait of Ruin is awesome <3. I’m not saying I hate the Prime
games, but it’s just that the 2D series has always been better IMO.
I wouldn’t mind at all if Nintendo would start making both 2D and 3D games,
but right now, I doubt any new 2D Metroid is coming out…

I mean that instead of getting one of the new DS Castlevanias, I’ll just get the old SNES one on VC.

Anyway, I REALLY hope another 2D metroid game comes out eventually though.

I don’t think you’ll ever get your wishes. I think SM was a fluke. Let’s face it. Most people hate M2, and M1 isn’t very popular nowadays either. And everyone bitches about MF and ZM for various reasons. Why then does everyone say “the 2D metroids are so great”? SM’s the only one people overall say is so awesome, yet they act ike it’s a whole series like that.

The Prime games are what save the ailing series.

No Fusion, ZM, Prime, Echoes, Hunters, and Corruption are all flukes and if you don’t know why just read the Prime credits-their is a “charming” message at the end-and not the rights warning-something else that saddens the heart. . . besides IF there is another 2D Metroid game it will likely be a Metroid 2 re-make.

To true.

if nintendo wont release any more 2d games, we’ll just have to make more fangames =)

Sooner or later this is gonna turn into a team gathering discussion.

I liked SM (from what I’ve played), MZM, and MF wasn’t too bad either. I also love MP1… but it is true. M1, M2, and MP2 were not so hot (add MF due to everyone else seems to hate it but me).

I have a feeling MP3 and the next 2D Metroid will decide it all…

i like fusion, what i don’t like is the fact that she won’t recover the suit in the end and she flee from the federation too, so a sequel is almost impossible without a chubby story…

The only truly great 2D game was Super Metroid, as one and two, may have been good for their time, but now…they suck. Fusion is great, as is Zero Mission, but not nearly as good as Super Metroid. The Primes are all good, except for Hunters, which is kind of weird. And Kesvalk, I can usually understand what you mean, but what’s a “chubby” story? And, didn’t she get her suit back at the end of Fusion? Mass confusion.

(P.S. What you all should be asking yourselves, is while your asking yourselves questions can you answer the questions to which you answered after you finished starting to question yourself?)