I'm not going to be here for awhile

my computer got fried so I won’t be here for awhile.

I can’t beleave that my computer got fried :cry:

Yes, and that’s why you’re on p2d right now.

Ever concidered that he may be on a school/friend’s comp?

Ever considered that if he was on his friend’s computer, he could still go on p2d occasionally?

maybe he dosnt go to his friends that often, anyway good luck with that computer.

Or, he could’ve TOLD US what computer he was on. :unamused:

Hi I’m back :smiley:

Lol seeing how he got late into an argument started in his thread you can tell his comp got k4b00m3d.

ya the hole thing got fried not just the power supply even the hard drive that relly sucked I had a lot of stuff on there.
well I got to look on the bright side now I get a new laptop :smiley:

what hard drive did you have? my brother had a western digital 160 gb… his just flat out broke out of nowhere.