I'm new with some questions

Hello, I’m new to this forum.
I have a few questions, I was not sure which board on this forum to ask.

  1. I heard that the P2D project is in C++. I think I know some stuff about it, so could someone give examples of it so that I can make sure?

  2. How far are you guys into this project?

  3. Oh wait, I forgot my third question. Oops…

Examples of C++?


int main()
std::cout << “Hello world!”;

Unfortunately, you’re not quite right about the fact that P2D is in C++. It’s not quite in anything at the moment. The demo was made in GM, with (probably, though not many people have seen the source) extensive use of Game Maker Language. MetEngine is going to be an engine for making Metroid games, and it will be coded in C++. However, P2D isn’t going to be the only thing made in MetEngine…

To clarify what tim said about metengine, metengine is our equivalent to the unreal engine, for example. Bioshock runs on unreal, but so does an awful lot more. The engine itself is done in C++, and if you want to know more about it, you should join IRC and ask CFX. Just don’t ask to see it (<_<)

Or Source! :astonished:

Or indeed sauce, though that’s used only by valve. CryEngine is another, though only Crysis uses it as of now.

What about question 2?
I’m too worried about my computer to download the latest version to see.

And be the way, the last smiley on this is really annoying.

whu, what?
Worried about your PC? In what way? You think we’d release something, made in GM, that could do damage to a PC?

Jeez, unless you’re running on hardware so old the extra power drain would blow your hardware, I don’t think it’s likely.

Also, demo ends at the end of the pirate frigate, main engine is pretty good.

Which means you have the first boss? Cool.

Also, don’t take offense. I’m rather paranoid when it comes to my computer.
It is an XP, by the way.

Uneducated paranoia is a grave sin.

I would agree, but I’m paranoid about revealing my paranoia. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and welcome to the site.

I have some more questions.

In the demo part thing, is the escape after the Parasite Queen the escape theme from Super Metroid? It is really good…

Also, when/if you do the Meta Ridley boss, is it going to sound a lot like the Ridley theme from Super Metroid? I prefer that one over the Metroid Prime one.

No one seems to be responding…how much is the download?

The escape music used in the demo is actually what we plan to use for the Meta Ridley battle track. The real escape music for some reason wasn’t used in the demo.

How much is the download? 4.4 MB. Unless you mean how much it costs, which in that case would be 19 missiles and 99 energy points.